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Lessons For Motorists On How To Share The Road With Motorcycles

By Wang’ombe Kibunja

Remember, as a kid, your mom would always warn you about being careful when using the road, and now that you have your motorcycle, she still tells you to be careful. It is not because motorcycles are dangerous, but research has shown that the number of deaths on motorcycles is higher than that of people in cars. Why is that? Bikes are smaller than cars, and so they are easily overlooked. When a motorcycle crashes, the lack of a windshield and a cage around the rider gives them a higher chance of getting injured or worse. Riders should do their part to stay safe by getting trained, wearing the right gear, and following the road rules. In staying safe, drivers can help keep motorcyclists safe. Motorcycles have the same rights, and responsibilities as vehicles have on the roads. Hence the riders should be respected. Here are some tips when sharing the road with motorcycles.

Do not be a bully on the road
When driving a huge car or like the SUV, being aggressive sometimes comes out naturally when you see a motorcycle beside or near you. Following at close distance in a way to provoke them to go faster or get out of your big monster’s way is not helping. When you try this, it will reduce the braking distance, and you will get the motorcycle all worked up and stressed, and they will probably make a mistake. Remember that no matter the size of the automobile, everyone has a right on the road.

Check your blind spots
Motorcycles can be ferocious with their speeds, and they have a small size that may quickly come in and out of your blind spots. Make sure you double-check your blind spots when switching lanes or exiting out of the road so as to keep you and bikers safe.

Be courteous
Nothing is more annoying on the road like if the rider is riding on a slower speed, and there is no way you can pass them. As much as this is annoying, you need to take deep breaths and try not to take it out on them. When you are angry, you might make a mistake that will be dangerous and has terrible consequences.

Making a right turn can be complicated, especially when their long traffic. It may be difficult to see because of the sun’s glare. Do not forget about the motorcyclist. Most accidents between a car and motorcycle occur in crossings. When making a right turn, make sure you scan the intersection to determine what is happening. Then look again specifically for motorcycles. If everything’s okay, safely make your right turn.

Maintain a suitable following distance
Most motorcyclists do not use their brakes to stop immediately, and with that, you may not see their brake lights. Motorcyclists may reduce speed by relaxing the accelerator or downshifting so they can slow down without even touching their brakes to avoid a tail spin where possible.

When driving, your number one focus should be on driving and outside the car. Eliminate distractions inside your vehicle, which may distract you from seeing the motorcycle on your side or near you. Avoid texting and driving or using your phone on the road. Cab Hailing app drivers cause many accidents as they concentrate on their phones rather than on the roads.

Be Considerate
Always give the riders the right of way when appropriate, and do not cut them. It is a piece of advice you should always keep in mind. It is important to know this when sharing the road with motorcycles since it is hard to estimate their speed. Remember to play it safe. Also, remember that motorcyclists have to make frequent changes because of their surroundings like potholes and puddles than drivers. That could mean slowing down or changing lanes frequently. Try to be patient.

Allow the motorcyclist a full lane width. Although it may seem as though there is enough room in the traffic lane for a motorcycle, remember the bike needs the room to manoeuvre safely.

Be extra cautious when overtaking.

It is not right to pass a motorbike the same way you would the other cars, assuming that you are merely driving on a neighbourhood or a roadway that permits passing, the gust of wind that results from your increase in speed due to pressure may cause the motorcycle to become unstable and blow the rider off of the road. It would be best if you always considered the safety of the motorcyclist when passing them. Always give them the full lane don’t squeeze close to them as you overtake, when overtaking a car and you spot a motorcycle on the oncoming lane, avoid overtaking as you would with an oncoming car don’t push the motorcycle off the road just because you want to overtake.

To make our roads friendlier, it’s good to respect all road users without undermining what they drive or ride. When we end the bullying and self-entitlement on our roads we shall have fewer accidents involving cyclists and pedestrians,