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Lila of Zora Biography, Real Name and Age, Career & Family

Citizen TV has been the launchpad of many erstwhile unknown talents in Kenya. After the end of the Maria drama series, came yet another must watch program called Zora- a Jiffy Pictures production which is a hit among many Kenyans. The program is a cocktail of veteran actors in the industry including Sarah Hassan and Jackie Matubia who were both on Citizen TV’s Tahidi High years ago and new faces. 

Among the actors that have attracted the attention of many Kenyans is Lila- a young girl who plays her role so effortlessly and according to many has a promising future in the highly competitive industry. Along with fellow child star Fila, they did a rendition of American singer Adele’s Hello before the premier of Zora. So amazing was their rendition that many Kenyans were left in awe of the duo and could not wait to see them in action. 

Real name and Age

Lila’s real name is Nyambiya Syekei and she is eight years old by the time of publishing this post.

Acting Career

Lila loves the arts and even before joining the sitcom was a great singer. She used to train at Red Fourth Kids Choir and has done a number of covers like Colors of the Wind and Someone you Loved. Lila is also a gymnast. Philip Tuju- a top Kenyan voice coach and the founder of red Fourth, described her as a determined girl whose voice is almost magical. 

She made her acting debut on the Zora drama series aired on Citizen TV. In the show, she acts alongside Fila (Angel Achieng), playing sisters in the highly rated program. In the second episode of the series, the girls lost their mother to an accident and are living with their uncle Kwame. Kwame’s real name is Quincy Rapondi and he played the role Thomas in Maria drama series. Their father Madiba (Blessing Lung’aho) is struggling with feelings of regret and is tormented with thoughts since his drunken driving is what led to the accident that saw their mother die. Both girls execute their roles so well and have been praised by many Kenyans including one of the show’s executive producers Lulu Hassan. 

“Your performance was out of this world, meet the next Kenyan superstars,” enthused Lulu Hassan.


Nothing about Lila’s family is in the public domain yet. She has been brought up in Nairobi in a family that is supportive of her pursuit of the arts.