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List Of Free Courses Offered Online By Harvard University

By Eli Odaga

Harvard University has freely offered a number of programs online to benefit  those forced to remain at home due to the prevalence of the coronavirus  pandemic.

The courses offered fall under social sciences, humanities,  art and design, business, computer science and programming, mathematics, data science, health and medicine among many other disciplines.

The courses are instrumental in helping one acquire new skills, the advantage being learning at own pace  and convenience.

The programs are overseen by instructors who get in touch whenever needed by the students.

The courses come via the massive open online courses providers, Edx being the most used provider.

Enrolment Procedure

To begin learning, all you need to do is to identify your preferred program. After identifying  the program you click on it (the program header) to proceed.

Having gone through the program, to proceed further, you will be needed to click on ‘take the course’ button, getting led to the final place of enrolment.

Upon clicking the ‘enroll’ button, you will be asked to key your details before registering with the program’s  provider (Edx in this case).

The details needed are official names, country of residence, gender, highest level of education achieved  and a valid email address.

After successfully completing the registration you proceed to undertake your course freely. There is however the option to upgrade that is if the need to be certified come the end of the program arises.

One has to part with at least $99 if they will need a certificate as proof that they undertook a program.

The courses have been classified in different disciplines making it easy for one  to navigate through before landing on the one study:


  1. Religious Literacy
  2. Conflict and peace
  3. Buddhism Through Its Scriptures
  4. Hindusim Through Its Scriptures
  5. Christianity Through Its Scriptures
  6. Sikhism Through Its Scriptures


  • CS50’s Introduction To  Game Development
  • CS50’s Web Programmimg  With  Javascript  and  Python
  • CS50’s Mobile  App Development  With  React Native
  • CS50 : Introduction To  Computer  Science


  • Probability  from the  Ground Up
  • Quantitative  Reasoning
  • Calculus 1
  • Intermediate  Statistics
  • Linear  Algebra  And  Differential  Equations
  • Multivariable  Calculus

Data Science

  • Dimensional Data Analysis
  • Capstones
  • R Basics
  • Probability
  • Productivity  Tools
  • Linear Regression


  • Technology Entreprenuership
  • Entreprenuership In Emerging Economies
  • Selling In Uncertain Times
  • Problem Solving  For The New Reality
  • Business Continuity During  A Crisis
  • Financial  Accounting
  • Negotiation Mastery
  • Management  Essentials

Health & Medicine

  • Cognitive  Fitness
  • Backpain Solutions
  • Blood Pressure Control
  • Memory Improvement
  • Health Effects Of  Climate Change
  • Biochemistry Principles
  • HMX Physiology
  • HMX  Immunology
  • HMX Genetics
  • HMX Pharmacology

Catch the full list here