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List Of The Most Protected People In Kenya 

By Faith Nyambeki

The high and mighty in Kenya enjoy a level of protection the commoners can only imagine. How much they need this security is still debatable. But we live in dangerous times and our leaders can as well do with that kind of protection. In the past, former President Uhuru Kenyatta revealed that 1 police officer serves every 390 of his citizens. Police officers have been faulted for not responding to emergencies but the privileged have the security officers at their disposal.  

Here is the security detail of the most protected people in Kenya as compiled by WoK.


A serving president in Kenya has the highest number of security officers at his disposal. The officers are drawn from Recce squad, an elite unit in the General Service Unit.

The officers guard the Head of State and his family, According to the Standard, the President has 200 highly trained officers guarding him, his family and presidential installation.

When he addresses a gathering, over 200 officers in plain clothes and uniforms are deployed. 

Deputy President

He has 45 elite officers guarding him and his family. The DP has outriders, chase cars and the road is cleared when his motorcade passes. 

Speaker of the National Assembly

The Speaker of the National Assembly has a total of 8 officers assigned to him when he travels. His family is also provided security. 

Chief Justice

The Chief Justice, who heads the Judiciary, enjoys heavy security. The CJ has seven officers at his service and a lead car when he is on the move. His home is also guarded. 

Inspector General of Police 

The man at the helm of police and his two deputies have 11 officers apiece guarding them. 

U.S. Ambassador to Kenya 

U.S. fight against terrorism puts its envoys in the real danger of being attacked by terrorists. His security is provided by the US marines ranking him among the most protected people in Kenya.

Raila Odinga

He enjoys all the trappings of power. The opposition chief has twelve officers guarding him. 

Cabinet Secretaries 

Some CSs have more security detail than others. Defence, Internal security are among sensitive portfolios that are assigned up to ten officers. Other CSs have 3 security officers. Next 

Prominent business personalities arrange their own security.