Lucy Ngema: Hotelier Who Was Among The First Kenyan In Jersey Island

Lucy Ngema is a former former high school cateress currently working and living in Jersey Island with her family.

Having worked in the island for several years, she established a children’s home in Joska, Nairobi County some 10 years ago.

Ngema said the idea of establishing a children’s home was inspired by a stranger who came to her rescue at her time of need.

Here is her story as told by WoK.


Following the completion of her secondary school education, Ngema proceeded to join Utalii College where she graduated from in 2000.

She graduated as a trained chef and went into the job market.

“I was trained as a chef in Utalii. I worked at USIU as a catering manager then moved to Juja Preparatory and Senior School as a cateress,” she said.

Ngema recalled that while working as a cateress, she came across an opportunity for Kenyans to work in Jersey Island.

“The offer was to work in the hotel industry. One of the hotel owners here went to Kenya on holiday and was impressed by the service,” she said.

She noted that the advertiser of the job worked closely with the Jersey Island government to hasten the recruitment process.

Ngema said after the employer’s meeting with the government, they were given permits to work in the country.

The mother of three says that although she had no passport or money to purchase her air ticker to Jersey Island at the time, the employer offered to take care of it.

“I got a three-year visa which allowed me to fly in my spouse and children. Two of them are working in finance and one of them now works in the healthcare sector,” she said.

Ngema worked in the lucrative hotel industry for over five years before she decided to change her career path.

In an interview with Chams Media, she noted that the shift was attributed to among other factors pay disparity margin between locals and expatriates.

“I got a job with the government of Jersey as a Healthcare Assistant. The perks were great including pensionable income and a seven-week leave,” she said.

Her job entails looking after people with special needs and learning disabilities.

Children’s home

After working for many years abroad, Ngema established a children’s home in Kenya to have a positive impact on the less privileged.

She runs Jersken Little Angeles in Joska.

She established the home in 2013, drawing inspiration from a stranger who came through for her  more that two decades ago.

“I started the home back in 2013 with three children, now I have 17. Four girls are in secondary school and eight more will be joining high school next year,” Ngema said.