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Maria: Madam Vicky Biography, Character, Real Name, Age, Family, Career And Acting role

By Prudence Minayo

‘Maria’ is one of the most popular local TV series in Kenya today. It features Maria who plays the uneducated humble teenager living with her grandmother in one of the Nairobi slums. Not only was the storyline captivating but there are many new faces, fresh blood that had never acted in any other major local program before. One such character is the beautiful Madam Vicky. 

Madam Vicky Character

She plays the role of Boss William’s wife and a mother to three privileged children. At first, she came off as a typical high society lady interested in social status and lenient to her son Luwi. She didn’t like Maria, the lead actress and preferred Sophia, the villain, for her son. However, as the drama progresses people get to see her in a new light. She is a wonderful firm mother that would do anything to keep her family together.

Real Name

The character’s real name is Sheila Ndanu. In an interview with Kenyans.co.ke, she describes herself as a mother, a daughter and a friend. She is reserved but chatty with people she is familiar with.


As of 2020, she is 55 years old.


Details about her parents and siblings are kept out of the public. All that is available is that she is a mother of two beautiful girls that have been of great support to her. 


Sheila has no background at all in film and theatre arts. In fact, her madam Vicky role in Maria is the very first time she has acted. She is a beauty therapist by profession, does commercial modelling and brand endorsements. Some brands she has worked for include: Zusha road safety, Crown Berger, NIC bank, DTB bank and VISA South Africa.

How she landed the role

The actress had gone for an audition for a TV commercial. Someone noticed her skills during the presentation and approached her after. He said she was perfect for an upcoming TV series and went ahead to encourage her to audition for the Madam Vicky role. Though sceptical, she went ahead and did it and luckily got a call that she had been chosen.

The talented star is humbled and grateful for all the efforts put in by Team Maria. She loves all the Maria characters but leans more towards Lona ( Tina Njambi), the telenovela gossip and maid, because she has been of great help to her since the beginning.

When asked her take about Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla in an interview with Kenyans.co.ke, this is what she had to say:

“Lulu and Rashid are God sent indeed. They are both very calm in spirit, patient and kind, giving everyone willing, a chance to better themselves. They are my destiny helpers and I continually thank God for them” Sheila responded.

Sheila’s dream one day is to act in Hollywood.

Advice to Upcoming actors

Keep at it, put yourself out there, go for auditions and be prepared so that when opportunities come your way you do not miss out. Hone your talents and don’t give up.

To succeed it takes discipline, diligence, a teachable spirit, focus and above all the fear of God, for with Him all is possible.

Net Worth

Her exact net worth is still under wraps but some online sources believe it to be more than Sh5 million. Her social media platforms indicate that she lives a comfortable lifestyle and is obviously doing well in the industry.