MarieJ Bio, Music And Projects

MarieJ Bio, Music And Projects
MarieJ Is A Rising Star In The Local Entertainment Space

The Kenyan music scene has a deficit of female artists and understandably so. To thrive in this industry is no walk in the park. ‘Sharks’ promising to make you an instant superstar if you part with some money are an ever present reality. It’s even worse if you are a female artist-and you have the looks. A section of presenters will expect sexual favors just to have your music on rotation. But the script is changing with a more ‘woke’ and independent set of female artists’ ala MarieJ. And who is this artist who has been described as the ‘New Kid On the Block’ in a leading blog in Kenya?

MarieJ Starting Out
Maria Marie aka MarieJ, real name Marie Njoroge, knew from a pretty young age that she was molded to be an entertainer. The Sapienza University, Rome alumni worked in Italy for Rai media house until she was transferred to their Nairobi office. This is where her music came to life. In 2018, MarieJ made her debut with with io Sto Bene (I’M Ok’) that has so for garnered over 18,000 views on YouTube. This was followed by Giogede. The songs have a rich blend of Italian, Swahili and English lyrics.

MarieJ Album
The artist is currently working on her album that is expected to be out in July. MarieJ will thereafter have her album tour in Europe to popularize her artistry.

MarieJ is a philanthropist at heart. She runs the MarieJ Orphanage Tour, an initiative that brings likeminded individuals together to tour children orphanages in Kenya and lend a helping hand. She has donated one acre of land in Nakuru to set up the MarieJ Childrens Home by the end of 2019.

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Other interesting facts about MarieJ
She holds a PhD in Accounting Finance
She is married
Has interest in real estate
Runs a studio and DJ academy.

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  1. Am so happy for Marie J. Indeed she is so good when it comes to songwriting and singing. Soon she gonna hit the international airwaves. She has everything it entails to be a superstar. Congrats much to Marie J