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Mark Masai Dusts Himself After Being Fired, Starts New Show

Media personality Mark Masai has unveiled a new show days after being fired from Nation Media’s NTV.

In an update on Sunday, November 11, Masai said he will be hosting The Social Newsroom, a show he said matters to Kenyans.

The new show which will be produced by SemaBox Africa premieres on Thursday, December 15 on his social media platforms.

“It has always been about the who, what, where, when, why and how. But in the times we are living in, there is a big so what?

“To the new way of doing things, finding meaning in what we experience and finding stories that matter to us. Welcome to the future,” Masai wrote on Twitter.

Masai who was a prime time news anchor at NTV announced his exit in a statement that he published on his social media platforms.

He noted that he was just taking a break and he was optimistic about the future, although he did not reveal whether he had landed another job.

“This is the reality of the media landscape around the world and unfortunately, I was at the losing end of this one

“However, this is not the end of my career in the media, I will be back on other platforms. All I have to say is watch this space,” he told Capital FM.

Other top journalists fired from NTV include Dennis Okari even as NMG termed the move as reorganization its workforce.

Okari worked at NTV as an investigative reporter and journalist having joined the station in 2013 but left a year later to join BBC  before returning to the NMG-owned station in 2015.

The journalist announced his exit on Monday, December 5 via a statement on his social media platforms.

In a separate article, WoK detailed how Mark Masai was adopted by British parents when he was a child when his biological mother abandoned him.