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Marya Prude Biography, Age, Marriage, Losing Children, Divorce & Dating Short Men

By Prudence Minayo

Marya Prude, real name Mary Irungu, is an accountant by profession and a renowned fashionista. She was born in Dandora and raised in Kayole. She is the first born in a family of three children. Prude came to the limelight when she tied the knot with popular Citizen TV journalist Willis Raburu. 


Marya met Willis Raburu in church. She noticed he would always come late yet he had a private car. This annoyed her and one day she decided to confront him for what she termed as deplorable behavior. She later texted him to meet up with her but Willis was afraid having been berated by her before. He intentionally stood her up thrice but the fourth time he finally showed up. The two began dating and Willis opened up to her about a lot including the financial difficulties he was facing at the time. They sailed through it together and finally decided to tie the knot. The two had a fabulous wedding followed by a week-long honeymoon. In an interview with Rev Kathy Kiuna, she admitted that at first it was a bit hard to live together. She was used to keeping quiet whenever faced with a problem rather than talking it out. They adapted to life and she came to trust her husband explicitly. 


In December 2019, they welcomed their child, a daughter named Adana. Unfortunately, it was a stillbirth, something no parent wants to experience. Before this, she had also lost another baby a few weeks into her pregnancy. 

Speaking to Word, Prude revealed she lost her first baby in 2018 due to anembryonic pregnancy. 

“What people don’t know is that I had lost another pregnancy in 2018 at nine weeks then. In 2019, I got pregnant with baby Adana,” she said.

“It was really tough for us since we were trying to get a child.”

Her joy to have a second baby was short-lived when she came out dead. 

“I was in the 39th week of pregnancy and so I was in labour for about 14 hours. I gave birth normally after pushing three times but the baby came out dead.”

The memory of losing baby Adana stills lingers on as she told Word Is, ““Every time I’m in the shower and I look at my tummy or lying on my bed and my hand is on my tummy, it never goes away. She changed my life.”

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Stopped Believing In God

The ex-Citizen TV news anchor wife had a crisis of faith after losing her child. She took to social media to pour her heart on how God left her when she needed Him most. Her post read:

“Everyone is so quick to tell me about God… What they don’t know is that every way I knew Him was tested and He didn’t prove Himself. So as they say you should know God for yourself, I now can say, I don’t know Him. And I don’t think I want to know him coz He left me when I needed him the most” the stated. 

In yet another Instagram post, Prude questioned God’s involvement in grief. She wrote:

“I lost someone so special to cancer, and man! My heart is so heavy. I have such a bad relationship with death, grief and God’s involvement in all that,” 

“So I am really struggling with faith right now. Just when I thought am getting back in line with my faith and spiritual life, this happens.”


Marya and Willis went their separate ways in 2020. At first, the breakup started as a rumor but Marya confirmed it through her social media. She asked people to stop referring to her as Mrs. Raburu and confirmed that they were indeed officially divorced. 

“One, I love and respect Marya. Two, I don’t blame anybody who said anything bad or good because I am the one that exposed my relationship in the beginning. It’s not good to ask, why are people talking about me so much, yet I am the one that put my business out there on social media for the world to see,” Willis Raburu said in an interview with Mzazi.

The fashionista deactivated her Instagram account in April 2020 after the separation. She reactivated the account two months later with changes on her bio-dropping the name Mary Raburu to Marya Prude KE.  

Dating Short Men

In an interview on Hazel Balubisi YouTube Channel, the fashion designer stated categorically that she can never date a short man regardless of how good he looks or how rich he is. 

Asked what was the problem dating a shorter man, she replied:

“I am not attracted to a short guy, I don’t care how rich you are, how good looking you are, I am not attracted. Period! Even I don’t care if you have a private jet or a yacht”, She stated. 


In the aftermath of the divorce, the lass has been spotted having a good time and looking all bubbly. She attended several Amapiano parties as she loves South African house music. When some criticized her partying, she told them off. She explained that how she chose to live her life was her business. She could not understand why people would criticize someone for enjoying their life. 

She once explained how unhappy she was after the separation and that she even started skipping meals. Through the help of family, she pulled through and is at a happy place right now.