Mercy Maluli: Why I Bought My Sons Houses Worth Ksh27 Million, Enterpreneur Who Founded Business With Ksh100 Narrates

Mercy Maluli is the founder of Devine Collections, a high-end clothing line that sells menswear; suits, shirts, shoes, and socks.

The company serves a number of high-profile clients including some of the country’s most popular celebrities.

In September 2021, Maluli made headlines after gifting his 6-year-old son, Brayden, a multi-million palatial home.

The house cost her Ksh 22 million.

Reason buying house

Speaking in an interview with Lynn Ngungi a little later, the millionaire business lady explained her decision behind the expensive treat.

Maluli noted that her son had dreamt of becoming a house owner after she gifted her youngest son a house when he was 3-months old.

The house that she bought for her youngest son, Elvis, cost her some Ksh 5.2 million in 2018.

She stated that she was inspired by her son’s desire to own a house, and made a commitment to buy him one.

“I bought the house because since his brother had a house. He has been praying for a house because mummy promised one. God answered and he is the newest home owner in town. Anything for my boys,” Maluli said.

Ksh 15 million business

A year later, in June 2022, Maluli gifted Elvis a business worth KSh 15 million to commemorate his 4th birthday.

As reported on WoK, she promised to launch the business a month later.

She also threw a lavish invite-only birthday party at her Lavington house which was attended by close friends and family.

“The business cost me Ksh 15 million. I was to launch it on his birthday, but some things delayed. The money was from his savings

“I saved for four years since he was born… He’s a money baby. He came with so many blessings, he opened doors for me,” Maluli said.

Devine Collections

Maluli boasts years of experience in the fashion industry and has operated Devine Collections for over a decade.

Speaking in a past interview, she revealed that she ventured into the clothing line business after she was encouraged by clients.

“I started Devine Collections 10-years ago (2012/13). I started Devine Collections by selling socks at Ksh 100… My clientele have been supportive since then,” Maluli said.

Maluli started out selling socks to clients in Nairobi for Ksh 100 per pair.

Although many people would despise her hustle, she never let the negativity weigh her down in the quest to start her own clothing line.

“I started with mitumbas. I used to go to Gikomba and sell to my friends at the hostel,” she said.

To start Devine Collections, Maluli took out a bank loan of Ksh 200,000 which she used to start the clothing line.

She travelled to Dubai and India to import men’s clothes and her business took off.

The business has grown and now has locations at Lavington, Kilimani and Imaara Mall along Mombasa Road.