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Mike Sonko Flys Kimani Mbugua to Mombasa For Rehabilitation And Empowerment

Kimani Mbugua
Kimani Mbugua has been in the headlines in the past year over his behaviour. Photo/NTV.

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has kept his promise to help rehabilitate Kimani Mbugua.

Sonko said he promised the former Citizen TV reporter’s mother he would fly him to Mombasa for help.

The politician shared a video with Mbugua and his parents at the airport and later in Mombasa as they arrived at the rehabilitation centre.

Sonko also urged Kenyans to pray for Mbugua and assured them he would be ok.

“Yesterday, we managed to airlift former Citizen TV journalist Kimani Mbugua to Mombasa for rehabilitation and empowerment centre for further treatment as promised earlier during the oga obina interview. Let’s pray for him. I BEEN 100% sure, he’ll be ok.” Sonko said.

Earlier Mbugua’s father confessed that his son was spiked at a birthday party.

Dedan Mbugua said the drugging of his son is one of the major causes of his son’s mental issues.

Speaking with Oga Obinna, baba Kimani said he saw a video of his son’s drink being spiked.

“My daughter took his phone, went through and saw the photos and videos of him at the party drinking while vomiting and falling as girls were beating him up. Before that my daughter told me she had seen a white substance in his glass,” he said.

The dad said Mbugua’s problems immediately started after the spiking incident with mental health problems affecting his son’s career and life.

Mbugua made a name for himself during his time at Citizen TV, where he captivated Kenyans with his eloquence and riveting reports.

He has also worked with NTV. Mbugua revealed his mental health battles adding he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

In a September 2023 video, Mbugua admitted Bipolar Disorder has derailed his life and career.