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Millicent Omanga Defends William Ruto’s U.S. Trip After Outrage

Millicent Omanga
Millicent Omanga says Kenyans should focus on the benefits of Ruto’s U.S. trip Photo: Millicent Omanga X.

Politician Millicent Omanga has defended President William Ruto’s use of a chartered flight to the U.S.

Omanga said Kenyans shouldn’t focus on the cost of the visit to the U.S. but on the benefits it will bring.

“I think we are missing the point. Since it’s within Kenyans’ rights to scrutinise the president’s state visit to the U.S., the focus shouldn’t be on the cost of the visit but on the benefits that accrued to Kenya. We shouldn’t lose sight of the antelope for the squirrel,” she said.

Omanga’s defence of Ruto comes after Kenyans criticised him for hiring a  luxurious Boeing 737 700 for his trip

This flight came at a cost of at least KSh 2.4m ($18,000) per hour.

Many Kenyans felt outraged and labelled his decision insensitive, citing current economic hardships in Kenya worsened by the new and increased taxes.

The President posting on X, claimed his U.S. trip was cheap compared to using the national carrier Kenya Airways.

“Fellow Kenyans, I have noted concern about my mode of transport to the USA. As a responsible steward of public resources and in keeping with my determination for us to live within our means and that I should lead from the front in so doing, the cost was less than travelling on KQ,” Ruto said.

The Boeing B737-77W Business Jet is among Royal Jet’s newest planes. It was acquired in 2016.

The plane has a forward crew rest area, a master bedroom with a private lavatory and shower, and a first-class lounge.

It ensured VIPs such as President Ruto enjoy the utmost convenience.

Entertainment is well catered for in this jet which has a state-of-the-art video-on-demand in-flight entertainment (IFE) system, enhanced by a high-quality sound system with overhead speakers and subwoofers.