Miss Trudy: Kenyan Content Creator Gifted Ksh9.2 Million By Ghanaian Hubby Wode Maya

Wode Maya and Miss Trudy PHOTO/Courtesy

On Christmas day, Ghanaian content creator Wode Maya gifted his Kenyan wife, Miss Trudy, a brand new car.

The two took to their respective social media pages where they shared videos and photos flaunting the expensive car.

This comes over two months after Wode and Trudy got married in a simple wedding officiated by a Ghanaian pastor in Western Kenya.

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Here is the story as told by WoK.

Car gift

On Sunday, December 25, social media was awash by photos of Miss Trudy flaunting her new car, a Toyota Fortuner.

In a video on his YouTube channel, Wode said the Kenyan content creator deserved the gift because she has never stressed him out financially in their relationship.

“We met four years ago and we’ve been through it all. Trudy has never asked for money for hair, dresses or anything

“It is time to give husbands out there pressure. I don’t need a car as I will miss interactions with people I meet and Uber drivers,” he said.

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While presenting the gift, the YouTuber tricked Miss Trudy into thinking that he had gone out jogging, and later returned home to an upset Miss Trudy who wondered why he had disappeared for hours.

Moments later, as soon as they stepped out of the house, the car was brought around and Wode gifted it to an elated Miss Trudy.

Wode said he bought her the car so that she could explore her new home in Ghana where she recently permanently relocated to.

“He had nothing when we met but over the years he has done a lot for his family and many other people. When you meet a boy don’t judge him because of where he is at the moment but where he could be in future,” Miss Trudy said while reacting to the gift.

Toyota Fortuner

According to Toyota Kenya, the Toyota Fortuner goes for Ksh 9.3 million in the Kenyan market.

The car features vehicle stability control system, frontage crash vigilance system, anti-theft device, tires pressure monitoring system and automatic climate control system.

It also features a knee and rear side air-bags to anti-Lock braking system and an engine immobilizer among other features.

The exterior of all modern Fortuner highlights a radiator grille, auto bi-beam Driven headlamps, unused notorious side plan, raise combination lights, and 18-inch aluminum edges.


On September 10, 2022, the two content creators got married in a simple wedding at Miss Trudy’s rural home in Western Kenya.

The wedding was graced by Miss Trudy’s family and relatives, while Wode flew in six people from Ghana including his uncle and the pastor who officiated the wedding.

A video on his YouTube channel, Wode paid dowry using a goat and a cow, noting that his father-in-law didn’t ask for a lot.

They spent Ksh 100,000 on their ceremony.

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