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Mitumba Lady Who Owns Kamukunji Gateway Mall

Deputy President William Ruto on Friday, June 2, 2021, presided over the official opening of the Gateway Mall in Kamukunji, Nairobi.

The DP heaped praises on the owner of eight-storey building Nancy Wamaitha who best exemplified the hustler’s narrative having started as a mitumba (second hand clothes trader) dealer and worked her way up to own the building. 

Mitumba Lady Who Owns Kamukunji Gateway Mall

Ruto cited the businesswoman cum deaconess as an example of his much touted ‘bottom-up’ approach in empowering Kenyans at the lowest level of the economic ladder. Former Starehe MP Bishop Margaret Wanjiru was also present and led prayers to anoint the building.

This barely comes days after President Uhuru Kenyatta banned all public meetings in a bid to contain the runaway Covid 19 infections. Hundreds of Kenyans turned out to catch a glimpse of the DP as he made his way to the building. 

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The DP tweet read:

Opened the eight-storey Kamukunji Gateway Mall, whose proprietor began as a mitumba businesswoman and engaged local traders in Kamukunji, Nairobi County.

Mitumba Lady Who Owns Kamukunji Gateway Mall
Hundreds Turned Up To Catch A Glimpse Of The DP Oblivious Of The Dangers Of Covid-19 Image/FBDPPS