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7 Kenyan Celebrities Whose Multi-Million Mansions Are Under Construction

  • Kenyan celebrities have been investing in multi-million houses
  • Most of these magnificent addresses are still under construction 

The entertainment industry in Kenya is not only known for its talented artists but also for its extravagant lifestyles. From high end cars to lavish parties, these guys seem to have it all. 

However, in recent years, a wave of mansion construction blessings seems to have swept over the industry, with various celebrities showcasing their lavish mjengo projects on social media. 

In this article, WoK takes a closer look at some of Kenya’s most popular celebrities and their upcoming dream homes.

Khaligraph Jones

The Kenyan rapper has been building his three-story mansion for three years. The construction project is now in its final stages.

He informed his fans about the project last year when his wife took to social media to showcase photos of workers digging the foundation. 

The Yes Bana hitmaker said he was building to show other musicians that it’s good to invest. “With this industry, things can change, but if you have a place to call home where you don’t pay rent, it’s safe for the family,” he said.

The mansion is located near Karen, close to where Radio Jambo presenter Gidi Gidi reportedly owns a parcel of land. Upon completion, the two will be neighbors. 


Comedian David Oyando, aka Mulamwah, has on several occasions shared photos and videos of his up country mansion under construction. 

Mulamwah, who is in the bodaboda business, first shared photos of the project´s foundation in 2022 while decrying the rising cost of construction materials. 

The 5-bedroom mansion is located in Kitale, Mulamwah´s ancestral home. The funny man revealed these details during a Q&A session with his fans, adding that the project has cost around sh 5.8 million so far. 

Otile Brown

Renowned Kenyan RnB singer Otile Brown recently made headlines for allegedly investing millions in his upcoming mansion. 

Through social media updates, the Tecno brand ambassador has showcased his bungalow’s progress.

According to him, building a house from scratch is more economic than buying one that is already built. He had projected the mansion to be complete in about 7 months. 

Terence Creative

Content creators Terence Creative and his wife, Milly, have not been left behind when it comes to money moves. 

Earlier this year, the deep pocketed entertainers shared foundation photos of a homely mansion they are constructing. The house is reportedly situated in an upscale location

This is their second construction project.

In 2021,they had shared photos of another house they were building for Terence´s grandmother in Joska. Sadly, she passed away before occupying it and they converted it into a rental.  

Dorea Chege

Former actor in the Swahili telenovela “Maria,” Dorea Chege, stunned her social media followers by revealing her multimillion-dollar mansion project located in Juja. 

Initially, Dorea had purchased the land using her savings, without immediate plans for construction. 

However, after discovering her neighbors had already commenced construction, she felt the pressure to start her own project. 

With an estimated cost of over 3.5 million shillings, her three-story mansionette is almost complete, with only the final touches needed before furnishing. 

It was not clear whether she was sharing the construction costs with her fiance, Dj Dibul. 

MCA Tricky

If you are one of Churchill comedian MCA Tricky´s followers, you´ve probably come across photos and videos of his ongoing construction project in Mwala, Machakos county. 

The funny man has been very vocal in congratulating himself on the achievement, even seeking the blessings of a priest when launching the foundation. 

The multi million bungalow is reportedly in its advanced stages of construction, just needing some finishing touches like plastering, wiring, and door installations. 

In interviews, MCA Tricky revealed that constructing the six bedroomed bungalow has cost him approximately sh 7 million. 

I am Marwa

Earlier this year, popular youtuber I am Marwa joined the proud list of soon to be home owners when he flaunted his multi million construction project. 

A video posted on his socials showed a beaming Marwa showcasing the two storied mansion complete with sliding glass doors and immaculate white walls.  

According to online sources, Marwa began the project in 2021. The 31 year old Youtuber is said to have made his millions by traveling and documenting his experiences on YouTube.