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Mo Salah Net Worth 2019, Weekly Wages And Endorsements

Towering at five feet nine inches and and wielding 71kgs, the 25 year old Mohamed Salah Ghaly bears the perfect Body Mass Index befitting a football star that he is. This professional football ace is fondly known to his fans simply as Mo Salah or by his nick name ‘the Egyptian Messi.’ He adorns official jersey number 11. His dark-brown eyes coupled with characteristic well trimmed dark colored hair; all conjuring an image of a brand.

His Early Life

Looking back at Salah’s background, one is bound to draw some parallel between education and success. Mo’s academic resume is not really impressive. And, if talented striker success is anything to go by, you would concur that success in life is not solely pegged on education. Salah grew up to love football and his unrelenting passion saw him rise up to play for renowned teams like Chelsea, Basel, Fiorentina and now Liverpool. His exemplary performance with his country’s national team earned him tremendous fame and respect.


Mohamed Salah (Mo Salah) comes from a humble family background. His first birthday was celebrated on 15th March, 1992. His Zodiac symbol is Gemini and he speaks his Arabic mother tongue fluently.

Salah showed intense passion for the game of football at a tender age and could seize every single opportunity to either watch it on TV or take part in it alongside his friends. His parents got worried as Mo showed more interest in football rather than improve his poor academic grades. During his entire formative years, Salah became more and more engrossed in the game of football to the chagrin of his parent’s wishes who wanted him to pursue a conventional career.

Prior to joining the Cairo based El Mokawloon, Moh Salah used to play and watch soccer for fun. In order to take part in his new club, Salah had to connect five commuter buses daily to arrive at the venue from his home. This did not deter, instead he became more resilient and focused on it.

At age 18, Salah was enrolled with his country’s senior team in 2010. Initially, Mo played the role of a substitute player. However, as time went by, he continued sharpening his skills to a point where he was picked to play regularly at the forward position in the team. In 2012 the Egyptian league went down to its lowest ebb during which time; the player became even more resolute and proceeded to sign a four-year engagement with Basel thus, making his first debut at the Europa League and UEFA Championship that year. The forward has since played for household names such as Chelsea, Roma, Italian Club Fiorentina and Liverpool.

Net Worth and Salary

Until Mo Salah left Roma and got signed in for Liverpool in 2017, goal scoring didn’t have to be as good as it could be. In the last season alone, Salah scored a record 32 goals thus helping to spike Liverpool’s performance to Champions League final status.

Mohamed Salah scooped the PFA Player of the year further to being crowned Marquee Player during the World Cup of 2018 in Russia. On leaving Roma, this soccer ace was signed for £36.9million with intent of furthering partnership with team-mates Sadio Mane and Firmino. Suffice to note that Mo’s popularity has since traversed beyond football circles not to mention the fact that various brands are now working with him.

Weekly Wages and Endorsements

Based on his current engagement with Liverpool (2018/19) season; Salah receives £120,000 weekly. However, following his astounding achievements at Anfield, Mo’s terms were reviewed afresh. In 2018 Salah entered into a long term deal with the Reds that would see him stick with the club till 2023 while earning £200,000 per week as basic salary including miscellaneous bonuses. Such bonuses would be dependent on both individual as well as team performance. Currently, Mo is among the top paid players at Liverpool.

Further to his huge earnings per week, Salah receives extra cash from various brands such as Adidas, Uber, Falken Tyres and Vodafone on sponsorship deals. Due to his humble nature, Mo commands a lot of respect from people of diverse cultures. His philanthropic nature saw him fund a hospital in his country where he ensures regular funding for critical services. Celebrity Net Worth estimates Mohamed Salah’s net worth at around £30 Million

Mohamed Salah is married to Haggi and is blessed with one girl child called Makka. Beside family commitments, Mo commits about £2000 to £2500 monthly towards helping the needy in his homeland.

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