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Mololine Founder, Death, Transformation, Routes, Fares And Contacts

By Prudence Minayo

MoloLine was founded by Kiberia Muchai in 1994. The businessman-who died 15th September 2021-had a vision of bringing sanity in the chaotic matatu industry. The Sacco started orderly operations in 1995 at the Nakuru bus terminal with an initial capital of kes700,000. They introduced the queuing system and put boards on top of vehicles to cut off touting. In 1998, after a meeting with stakeholders, uniforms were introduced to both conductors and drivers. 


The Sacco grew and they soon began training their employees on customer service. They also put in place security measures as carjacking became prevalent. As their portfolio grew, they phased out the 18-seater matatus and introduced the more comfortable 14-seater matatus. 

Mololine Founder, Death, Transformation, Routes, Fares And Contacts
Mololine founder Kiberia Muchai Image/Courtesy

In 2004, they introduced the Prestige Shuttle. Due to the high prices, most passengers avoided the shuttle but as time went by flocked back. They were also among the first people to introduce seat belts following the introduction of Michuki laws. 

In 2006, they introduced buses. However, following the aftermath of the 2007 elections, some of their buses were burnt down following allegations of abetting rigging in that election. Thus, they suffered losses and did away with buses.

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In 2014, they completed the building of a multi million building in Nakuru town. The building, located off Nakuru-Nairobi highway works as their offices and also brings revenue to the Sacco. 

Today, Molo line is a big name in the matatu industry and plies a number of routes.  They currently have Nissan and Toyota vans and coaches. They also offer other services including fleet management and parcel delivery. 

Molo Line Routes 

Some of the major routes plied by Molo Line are: Nakuru, Nairobi, Kisumu, Kericho, Eldama Ravine, Eldoret, Migori, Sirare, Kabarnet, Busia and Mombasa. 


The fares are as following:

From Nakuru to Nairobi the charges are as follows:

Mololine Shuttle–Ksh700.

Mololine Sawa–Ksh 500.

From Nairobi to Kisumu its Ksh 1000-Shuttle.

From Nakuru to Ravine its ksh 200-Mololine sawa