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Most Listened to Radio Programs in Kenya and Their Presenters

By Prudence Minayo

The number of radio stations in Kenya have been on a steady increase since the late 90s. But it was not until 2000 and 2007 that the country saw an expulsion of radio stations. The media boom meant that these stations had to be competitive to woo listeners. Kiss FM morning show at one time was pretty much the market leader thanks to Caroline Mutoko and her co-host Walter Nyambane. To be ahead of the pack, the radio stations employ and even poach the very best talents to win more listeners and attract well paying advertisers.

This article contains some of the most listened to radio programs. 

Jambo Kenya

This is the most popular  breakfast show in the county. The program is hosted by the very able Vincent Ateya, Melody Sinzore and the popular actor Inspekta Mwala. It covers a number of topics that range from politics to matters of the heart and so much more. According to figures released by GeoPoll, the program commands 1.4 million daily listenership.

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Milele Breakfast

Coming in second is Milele FM morning show hosted by Alex Mwakideu who partnered with Jalang’o. The funnyman has since joined Kiss FM. The program listenership is 1.1 million. The blogosphere was awash with speculations that Professor Hamo was on his way to the MediaMax owned radio station to partner with Mwakideu following the exit of Jalang’o. 


The morning show hosted by Gidi Ogidi and Ghost Mulee is a hit among Kenyans. Just like the show name suggests, it is intended to bring lovers or friends together who fell out for one reason or the other. The duo gets to listen to the story of one person then they call the estranged one and also listen to their side of the story. At times, they are able to reunite families and lovers but sometimes their efforts fail spectacularly. 

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The show has been able to keep listeners both entertained and saddened while listening to some relationship stories. Listeners also get the chance to chip in about their views in the relationship being discussed. Patanishow is the third most radio program in the country with a daily listenership of 1.09 million. 

Radio Maisha Billy Na Tricky 

Billy na Tricky was a good combination until the latter decided to call it quits. The show comes in fourth with a listenership of 948,000 daily listeners. The exit of Francis Munyao meant the end of Billy na Tricky morning show. The management of Radio Maisha has since moved Billy Miya to the Drive Show that runs from 3PM to 7 PM. 

“I will start hosting the new show on Monday, July 13 alongside Mbaruk. The management decided to restructure stating that they wanted a team that had already bonded up to host the morning show. They did not want to gamble by bringing a new presenter to host alongside me. I believe and support their decision,” Billy explained the new developments to his fans.  

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Maina and King’ang’i in the Morning

The show airs on Classic 105 and is hosted by Maina Kageni and Daniel Ndambuki aka, King’ang’i. This is one of the most engaging and funny radio duo ruling our airwaves. The two have been with the station for more than 10 years and have still not lost relevance. Many people tune in every morning to listen to their interesting topics of discussions and their take on various social matters. Top the list of the most popular English morning shows in Kenya with a listenership of 854,000. 

The Morning Kiss

The show was formerly hosted by Kameno Goro and Andrew Kibe before he left the show in a huff. His departure did not stop the show as Felix Odiwuor, popularly known Jalang’o, filled the gap he left a short while later. The show deals with a number of topics from friendships, relationships, real estate among other topical issues. The chemistry between the two has been effortless and it’s only a matter of time before the station hits the top five list of the most listened morning show in the country. 

Mambo Mseto

This is a show on radio Citizen hosted by Willy M Tuva and his co-host DJ Flash. The show has helped promote East African musicians as well as enable fans to have an insight about their favourite artists through interviews carried out in the show. The show is Willy’s brainchild and he had this idea long before the show became a reality. He felt mainstream media could do more for the artists and this is how the show came to be. Today, it is arguably one of the biggest entertainment shows in the country. 

Bustani Na Massawe

The show airs on Radio Jambo and is hosted by Massawe Japanni. She keeps listeners tuned in with her flowery Swahili accent and how she conducts interviews. Massawe has covered a number of topics on her show including interviewing people who tell their stories about their lives, some of them are very touching.

Drive on Reloaded

The show is hosted by Tina Ogal and Munai General. Tina Ogal has been hosting the show much longer than Munai General. It deals with a number of fan topics which the two discuss on radio and also allow the listeners to tell their stories and give opinions about the subject matter. The two have an amazing radio chemistry that keeps listeners tuned in to listen to their topic of the day.

The Hot Breakfast

The Hot Breakfast is a popular morning show hosted by Jeff Koinange and Comedian Prof. Hamo on the Royal Media Services owned station Hot 96. The show airs every weekday in tand is a great way to start the day by listening to the two presenters as well as a variety of hot music.

The Jam

Hosted by Joey Muthengi and Martin Kariuki, the music shows airs on Capital FM from 3pm to 7pm every weekday. The two are pretty good at what they do.