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Muthoni Mukiri Biography, Age, Education, Family, Career And Boyfriend

Hellen Muthoni Mukiri is an ex news anchor who currently runs a successful YouTube channel. She became a household name while working as a news anchor at Inooro TV. Mukiri quit mainstream media and is currently a content creator who focuses on human interest stories. With over 100, 000 followers on social media, it is evident that her content is appreciated. 


The media personality was born in 1989.


She attended Matimbeni Primary school in Kiambu up to class 5 before proceeding to a boarding school. After primary school, she joined St. Luke’s High School. 


Muthoni is the second born in a family of four children, three girls and one boy. Growing up, she was very cheeky compared to her sister. She always got into trouble and was punished for it.  

Unfortunately, in 1998, when she was just nine years, her father died. He was one of the many people whose life was cut short thanks to the 1998 terror attack in Nairobi. Following his death, they were kicked out of their home by relatives and they had to seek refuge at their grandmother’s place. This incident was so hard for the family and her mother sank into depression. 


The former news anchor decided to pursue her acting passion soon after finishing high school. She did a number of Agikuyu films. Interestingly, all the scripts were written in English. Therefore, she had to read, internalize and translate to Agikuyu. She excelled and started to be noticed for her talent. 

Later, she got a chance to do a voice over for  Mediamax Network Ltd owned station Kameme FM. This exposed her to the world of media and in turn helped her land the job at Inooro FM.

Inooro TV

She joined Inooro TV as a news anchor. For five years, she worked at the station alongside Ken Wakuraya. The two had an amazing chemistry that helped keep their viewers glued on the screen. 

In December 2020, she announced her exit from the station.

“It’s been an amazing five years, but my journey at Inooro TV has come to an end. I want to thank you my fans, my friends, my supporters and everyone who has supported me during the journey. I will miss you dearly,” she announced on 28th December.

On her YouTube channel, she stated that quitting her job was not an easy decision to make. She thought hard about it and on most occasions wondered if it was the right thing but finally she went for it. 

She also stated in a previous interview that after quitting Inooro TV, she received a lot of offers to join other media houses but turned them down. She needed time for herself and was working on projects that required privacy that the media could not afford her. 

“I’m taking some time off to work on very personal projects that I feel I cannot do when I am in mainstream media because they require a lot of privacy,” she said. 

Mukiri runs a YouTube channel dubbed Muthoni’s Mission. She has amassed thousands of subscribers and has a lot of inspirational content, especially on mental health. Mental health is a subject that has in the recent months become so important among Kenyans as we see many people sink into depression. A lot of people are talking about it unlike before when information on mental health was very sketchy. 

Apart from the media and YouTube, she runs a successful wig business named Mukiri Hair Hub. The business attracts a lot of people including famous Kenyan personalities like Mashirima Kapombe and comedian Teacher Wanjiku.


Muthoni Mukiri Biography, Age, Education, Family, Career And Boyfriend
Muthoni Mukiri And Her Lover Image/Courtesy

Muthoni Mukiri is in a relationship with a man only identified as Isaac. The couple look good together. In a post shared in 2020, the ex-Inooro presenter shared her harrowing experience with a controlling ex-boyfriend. Her post read:

A couple of years ago I dated this guy, it was a toxic relationship. There was a lot of insecurities and he was very controlling. Very insecure, he was a lot of bad things and it got to a point where I felt like I needed to leave and I needed to break it off with him,” she said.

Muthoni Mukiri Biography, Age, Education, Family, Career And Boyfriend
The couple looking sharp Image/Courtesy

“Eventually, I broke it off with him and it hurt so bad. I lost a lot of weight, my face broke out, nothing was working in my life and at some point, I even had to get a therapist, it was so bad but eventually I worked on myself, went through every step of the pain and I got over him

The sassy lass has finally found love and seems happy.


The beauty tired the knot with the love of her life Isaac Njoroge in a colorful wedding ceremony held at the Windsor Hotel on 20 November 2021.

Whownskenya Wishes the couple the best as they settle down in marriage.