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Mwalimu Rachel Biography, Education, Background, Career, Family and Controversy

By Prudence Minayo

Mwalimu Rachel is a Kenyan radio presenter, show host, voice over artist and entrepreneur. Many confuse her with teacher Wanjiku since they both started off almost at the same time. In an industry that is so competitive, she has managed to create a name for herself through sheer hard work and determination. Mwalimu Rachel once described herself as a dynamic, determined young woman who endeavors to be better everyday as she changes the world around her to be better in every small way.

The radio presenter’s belief in herself is also awe inspiring. While still with Homeboyz Radio, she one paid kes300,000 to have a billboard in the capital city advertising her website mwalimurachel.com. Many actually thought a big brand had sponsored her but that was not the case as she revealed to the Standard’s achieving woman segment. 

“ They thought a major brand or sponsor was behind it, but I just do things differently. I decided to put it up in Westlands, Mpaka Road, because that’s well, electric avenue,” said the then Homeboyz presenter.

It had such a huge impact that others began to follow suit during their launches.

This article takes a look at some of the  aspects of the presenter’s life, controversy and how she deals with it.


She attended primary school in Mombasa then went to Kyeni Girls High School, Embu. Later, she joined the University of Nairobi for a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and Language and Communication.


Rachel Muthoni was born in Mombasa and spent the early years of her life in the county. They had to relocate to Embu since her father had built a retirement home there. It wasn’t easy for them to adjust since they had fallen in love with the coast environment but with time they learnt to embrace their new home. 

Her father instilled great morals in them and they were raised never to be quitters. One favorite saying their dad told them was “Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, you can achieve.” Their parents also told them to be serious in their studies but she was not a bookworm like her sister. One thing she loved most was watching TV and imitating presenters. She also wanted to study law.

“I wanted to be a lawyer since Maths just did not let me prosper. I also thought of being a media personality. I knew that as long as I was talking to people for a living, it would make me happy,” Said the former Homeboyz presenter during an interview with the Standard.


The first station she worked for was at Ghetto Radio. In fact, she was their first ever intern. Later, she got a chance to join Homeboyz Radio, still as an intern. At the station, she worked on the midnight show from 12AM to 3AM and worked alongside Ciru Muriuki and Austin Chimano. An opportunity came for an afternoon slot and that is how Class 124 was birthed which aired from 1PM to 4PM. After working for the station for a decade, she announced her exit in in a post:

“This was not an easy decision. But sometimes change is good. Please tune in to @Homeboyzradio #thejuiceinthemix right now with @djbashkenya you can come with me #FinalFriday.”

The veteran radio presenter moved to NRG radio and works as a host for the NRG Breakfast Club which airs from 6a.m. to 11.a.m. every Monday to Friday. 


Rachel Muthoni had also established a successful business. She is the Chief Executive Officer of the Nairobi based MRX limited which is called the Mwalimu Rachel Experience. 

The NRG breakfast host is the manager of Sailors Gang, a music band in Kenya that is influenced by the popular Gengetone. Gengetone is a style of music in Kenya that is rapidly rising among the youths. As the group’s manager, she has to ensure that the lyrics are in accordance with the Kenya Films Classification Board (KFCB) standards. 

“ I too had to stop certain lyrics from appearing on Sailors tracks and even why a part of a video has to be edited out. I go a step forward to explain to sailors why that has to be done” Posted Rachel.


The manager is married to K-Letta and together they have a son called Jabari. When she became unexpectedly pregnant, many said she was done only for her to bounce back stronger and better.

“ People in the industry thought it was over for me. They under estimated me and thought I would wallow in self-pity of baby weight and stress. They clearly didn’t see me coming back better and stringer,” said the radio show host in an interview with the standard. She went on to add how proud and happy she was with her family.

“ My family means everything to me. They are a blessing I protect with my life. My (rapper) husband K-Letta has held my hands through the good and not so good times when even I had doubts about my capabilities. We have one handsome son together -Jabari-who is now three years old.” The interview was done a few years ago.


Earlier this year, the media personality was accused of assaulting Miracle baby’s (a sailors gang member) friend. According to an interview with Word Is Shadii Gachii, the artist guardian said they took the traumatized boy to the hospital and recorded a statement with the police. In one version of the story, they said that on that day they had come from a funeral when they arrived at the house to find Rachel and a few men. They told Miracle to get in the house and went on to assault the friend for allegedly taking Miracle Baby away yet they had an important deal. He was pinned down as they reportedly beat him and pulled his ‘family jewels’ saying they will break them and nothing will be done. According to him, he was tortured for three hours.

According to an article by Pulse live, the radio presenter appeared in court but was released on a Ksh10,000 bail after pleading not guilty to the charges.

After a while, Rachel came out to address these rumors and this is the short message she posted accompanied by a funny emoji:

“ The ONLY balls I squeeze. But y’all want to believe the sensational lies out there (emojis)Lol. Business idea loading… #Thanks #TurnLiesToCash.” Posted Rachel on her page.