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Mwanahamisi Hamadi Biography, Education, Career, Award, Cooking Program, Suspension And Family 

By Prudence Minayo

The name Mwanahamisi Hamadi is not new to Kenyans. She has presented Swahili news for over 10 years in different capacities. Her flowery Swahili accent, professionalism, and elegance has captured the hearts of many Kenyans. Stories that touch human hearts are what she is best known for. The experienced media personality is also doing a noble job of empowering women and this has won her an award. She likes traveling to Mombasa almost every month. The journalist is also a good cook with a lot of delicious recipes.


The citizen TV anchor’s age is not available to the public.


Mwanahamisi Hamadi is a proud alumni of the University of Nairobi where she successfully pursued a Bachelor of Arts Degree.


The news anchor has worked for Royal Media Services for the better part of her industrious career. She is the producer and host of a health show “siha na maumbile” show that airs every Thursday 7PM on Citizen TV. The show tells stories of people in the community who have health issues. Various diseases, like, Alzheimer’s are analyzed looking at the causes and solutions. Furthermore, she is the producer of Mwanamke Bomba, a show on Citizen TV. The show is about women in society making a difference despite the challenges they face. 


She was awarded for her efforts to empower women through her show “Mwanamke Bomba.”

Cooking show

The award winning journalist’s prowess does not end in the newsroom. She is also a pretty good cook. She hosts a show “Mapishi Time” on viusasa that showcases her culinary skills. 


In 2015, there was a scandal of epic proportions after Swaleh Mdoe, Mwanahamisi Hamadi, Yusuf Ali, Arap Kemei, Shisia Wasilwa and other Royal Media Services personalities were suspended for 10 days pending investigations into alleged corruption dealings. 

Apparently, they received money from a top politician to kill a negative story about him during the Kajiado re-elections. Robert Alai went further to reveal the politician was Mike Sonko. The politician denied these allegations. At the time, Kanze Dena and Lulu Hasan took over for a while but the suspended employees were reinstated.


Details about her family are kept under wraps. It is not known if she has any siblings or who her parents are. However, some sources indicate that she has one daughter. According to kenyalife.com, Mwanaisha baby daddy is known as Salim Cheka who works as a presenter at Radio Salaam. 

Net worth

There are no details about her net worth but she pockets a generous salary from Royal Media Services and brand endorsements.