Mzee Jackson Kibor: On Reconciling With Children Months To His Death And How He Divided His Vast Land

Mzee Jackson Kibor: On Reconciling With Children Months To His Death And How He Divided His Vast Land
Mzee Jackson Kibor Photo/Courtesy

By Prudence Minayo

Jackson Kibor’s death has dominated banter on social media platforms. He was touted as the ‘boychild’ president and his demise is seen as a big loss to the country.  Even with this reverence from a section of Kenyans, Kibor led a troubled life that saw him at one time threaten to shoot his son. 

However, at the tail of his life, the billionaire made a deliberate effort to make peace with his family. 

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His first wife passed away in 2010.  Kibor’s  three other wives  Josephine, Naomi and Yunita are still alive. They all have been living harmoniously after the family settled their issues under the patriarch’s guidance. 

Reconciliation and Inheritance

According to the Daily Nation, he had a meeting with close friends and family members in late February at his home in Kabenes. The rich landowner made peace with his family then divided his property among his children. He had 21 children from his four wives. All his sons were given 200 acres of land while the daughters got 100 acres. Apart from the land, they also got other properties from their father. 

“The court cases which included divorces, DNA tests, property suites among others were a form of discipline because he wanted us to know that all of his hard-earned money was not to be squandered. Eventually, he reconciled us all and shared the property amongst the children,” said his second wife Naomi Jeptoo. 


Following the news of his death, dozens of mourners flocked into his Kabenes home to condole with the family. All the three women he was once married to stood together to mourn their departed loved one. 

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His second wife Jeptoo described him as a family man and a harsh disciplinarian who did not want all his wealth squandered. She went on to say he loved them all despite the numerous feuds. 

Yunita described him as a fearless fighter who always wanted the best for everyone.

Loyce, one of his daughters, described him as a great inspiration despite their differences. She said his contribution to the family was unmatched.

Philip Kimutai said his father was a strict disciplinarian who wanted no one to outwit him. 


Jackson was born in 1934 and dropped out of school in class five. He took up a number of jobs before winning Sh35,000 and a car in a darts competition. Using the money, he bought his first 836 acres of land. This would be followed by 1534 acres in Kabenes, 1600 acres in Kitale and more properties across Eldoret, Mombasa and Nairobi.

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