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Nabayet Biography, Age, Education, Career And Personal Life

By Kariuki Kamau

Her fans describe her as the whole-package kind of lady – one with beauty and brains. Ethiopian Nabayet, or Nabbi as some refer to her, is making news among netizens courtesy of her relationship with R&B singer Obunga Jacob alias Otile Brown. She has won his affection, evidenced by the public display of affection liberally shared on social media platforms by the artist. Who is Nabayet? This article looks at Nabayet biography. 

Age and Place of Birth

Nabayet is 25 years old. Her name means a soft-spoken and caring person. She has two siblings – a brother and a sister. She revealed on her social media platforms that she attributes her beauty to her mother’s genes. Her father and elder brother are musicians, and she shares with her followers videos of herself singing as well. Her family moved to Australia, where they currently reside. 

Education Background

Nabbi is a postgraduate student in Australia pursuing Biomedical Science. 

Career Journey

Nabayet is a Researcher, Biomedical Scientist, and pastry chef. She shares her recipes and cooking tips with her Instagram followers. She also endorses brands given her massive following on her social media platforms. Nabayet is set to launch a YouTube channel where she will share her cooking skills with her fans. 

Personal Life

Nabbi is currently dating the ‘Chaguo la Moyo’ hitmaker Otile Brown. Their relationship has faced rough patches in the past, with the couple calling it off severally only to end up back together. The couple met in Australia and have a long-distance relationship. The two have become seemingly inseparable, with Otile professing his love for Nabayet. For instance, he bought her a brand new Mercedes-Benz as a gift.  

Their love story has been under public scrutiny because of Otile Brown’s history. He previously dated Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika, with whom they parted ways. Otile now says that his new relationship with Nabbi is the best he’s ever had. In an interview, he praises Nabayet and ascertains his commitment to their relationship. After the couple had a fight over alleged infidelity by Otile Brown with a lady named Peggy, he wrote a song titled Nabayet for her. The song has been trending. In the song, he proclaims his love and utter adoration for the Ethiopian beauty. 


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