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Nabosa Sacco- The Motorcycle Members Who Build A Multi Million Estate

By Prudence Minayo

Boda boda operators in Nanyuki are changing the narrative about their trade. Through saving a meager Ksh50 a day, they have been able to develop a multi million estate. Considering the fact that most Nabosa Sacco members are low income earners, they decided to put the minimum saving per day at Ksh50. 

Multi Million Real Estate

The Sacco members have established a Ksh150 million real estate project. They have been able to build houses for 60 out of the 120 members involved in the project. Other members have been able to purchase motorcycles and taxis.  

In order to build the estate, they approached National Co-operative Housing Union (Nachu) and convinced them to finance the building of the houses with a low interest loan. They financed 80% of the project with members raising the rest of the amount. They will then be required to each pay about Ksh800,000 in a period of five years to cater for the loan. 

In an interview on Citizen TV, elated members described how fulfilled they felt about the project. According to NABOSA members, this was a big step in elevating them from poverty. After all, they will not be paying rent anymore. They also have big ambitions to venture into other projects. One says he’d like to grow and buy a car or a lorry to further elevate his status. 

The History of the Sacco

The idea to form the Sacco came about when one of their members was shot dead. During the slain member’s funeral, they decided they were going to change the public’s mindset about boda boda operators. 

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After the funeral, they had a brief meeting and decided on the Ksh50 amount. The group was then named Nanyuki Motorcycle Umbrella Body (NAMUBO)

They then approached officials to help with the registration process. The Co-operative officers and former Laikipia East MP, Mwangi Kiunjuri, guided and financed them. They then changed the name from NAMUBO to NABOSA. 

By 2014, they had a strong group and visited a similar group in Kitengela. The Kitengela group had established a multi million real estate project. 

This encouraged them showing that they too could do it. 

The first phase of the project was completed in 2018. According to Nabosa chairman Patrick Waithaki, 


Chairman-Patrick Waithaki

Vice Chairman-Moses Njoroge