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Naomi Kamau: Meet Omosh Super Talented Sister Who Produced Machachari, Tahidi High, Mother In Law

She is a mother, a sister, an actor, a TV producer and a scriptwriter par excellence. Naomi Kamau tells the African story the African way as evidenced through her programs. 

“Africans need to create content that is commensurate with the lives they live for this is what will entice and draw the audience into appreciating their own,” she told a leading media house. 

To her, programs are often a reflection of the reality we live in. She believes Kenyans need to appreciate themselves and their productions by seeing themselves in the characters on television. She believes they need to be proud of their heritage, culture, splendor and greatness.

Apart from being in the showbiz world, she is also a mentor to the young people. Since the Young generation represent the future, she believes in passing down very important skills to them. Skills that would not just propel them in their careers but in life as well.


Naomi Kamau taught History and English in a local high school before her entry in the competitive entertainment world.

She studied air ticketing but has not focused on that as her career. Instead, she focused on acting, producing and writing scripts in local drama series. Most of her works are well known and have won a number of big awards in the country. They include:

  • Makutano Junction- a drama that aired on Citizen TV back in the day which was full of social themes.
  • Reflections- a family drama that aired on Kenya Broadcasting Corporation.
  • Heart and Soul- a drama for the United Nations produced by Blue Sky Productions.
  • Heartbeat- A drama for Kenya breweries 
  • Tahidi High- A high school drama that aired on Citizen TV and comically brought out what happens in most schools in the country 
  • Mother-in-law- A family drama that focuses on the lives of a middle class family that airs on Citizen TV.
  • Machachari- a drama that focused on the lives of children and teenagers and how they solve problems which aired on Citizen TV.
  • Shamba Shape-Up- A production that focused on helping farmers around the country improve their production.


Naomi is a mother and has introduced a number of her siblings in entertainment. She lost her sister actor Nyambura, who was an actor for Mother-in-law, a number of years ago. She is also the sister to Kinuthia alias Omosh, who came out to beg Kenyans for financial assistance. A lot of Kenyans were quick to bash his family, especially Naomi, seeing as she is a guru in the entertainment world yet she couldn’t help her brother. She gave out a statement asking Kenyans not to judge them before hearing their side of the story. However, recently when Omosh came out complaining of lack of money once again after Kenyans had done so much for him, his fans were able to interpret Naomi’s message earlier when the debacle started.  

On Omosh troubles and Kenyans castigating family for neglecting him

Social media users went all ballistic on the Omosh family after he went public pleading for financial assistance. A section of Kenyans wondered why the family had not come together to assist the struggling actor. In response, Naomi Kamau said they had done everything possible but Omosh was not easy to manage. Her post read:

“Before you start crucifying us online as a family for neglecting our brother, reach out and get our side of the story, no sane human being can neglect his or her blood relation, Omosh is our brother and we love and care, we’ve done everything humanly possible to stand with our brother and we’ll still do over the years, come sit us down we reason together, I’ll stop it at that coz these are issues we don’t want to share with the media, we’re a family and we’ll try to sort our shit……..,”

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