Nasra Yusuf: Churchill Show Comedian Raises Over Ksh 600K To Feed Locals Neglected By Their Leaders In Wajir County

Nasra Yusuf PHOTO/Courtesy

As Kenyans in parts of arid and semi-arid areas continue to grapple with drought, some Kenyans have gone out of their way to offer help.

Such is Churchill Show comedian Nasra Yusuf who, together with her friend, content creator Mummie Francie, raised funds to buy foodstuff for Kenyans in Berkukai, Wajir County.

In an update on her social media platforms, Nasra noted that they had bought food among other stuff for people in the hunger stricken areas.

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Money raised by fans

She noted that the donations were bought courtesy of money raised by their fans; they raised a total Ksh 600,000.

“I want to thank Kenyans who have supported me, thank you so much for contributing to your Fellow Kenyans,” she said on Citizen TV.

Taking to Twitter, she also hit out at North Eastern leaders, accusing them of sidelining their people at a time of need.

“So North Eastern leaders can do 50 million plus fundraisers to build a mall but can’t do the same to feed their people? In less than a week, I have used my platform and I have raised over 600k and fed the people,” she wrote.

Nasra Yusuf

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Nasra is among the best comedians in Kenya and among the best sought after female stand up comedians.

She was born in 1995, and she comes from a family of 3 children and was brought up in Mukuru Kwa Njenga, Nairobi. 

Career-wise, Nasra first started out at comedy arena on KBC TV and later at the Altimate Comic. 

After this, she landed a job at Churchill Show with her debut performance being in 2018 making history as the first Somali lady to be featured in the show.

“Nikiongea watu walikua wakisema mimi ni mfunny, nitafute Churchill nianze kufanya maauditions. So in 2017 nilislide DM Facebook page ya Churchill show nikamwambia ‘hey Churchill am an upcoming comedian and am very funny

“I would like to be the first Somali Comedian. Niambie auditions huwa ziko wapi I would like to come,” she said.

Sure enough, the reply came and she was told to go for auditions at Carnivore. At the back of her mind, she thought it was Churchill who had replied to her message.

The elated Nasra told those who cared to listen that she would appear on the show next episode. She went to the auditions but did not make the cut because she was unprepared and ended up repeating Chipukeezy’s old jokes.

They told her to go and come back when she had new jokes. The Churchill show comedian gave up until an opportunity came on KBC TV and she grabbed it.

This started her journey in the world of comedy and prepared her to perform in Churchill, a dream come true.

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