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Natalie Tewa Biography, Age, Education, Family Career and Relationships

By Prudence Minayo

Natalie Tewa, real name Natalie Wanjiru, is a renowned Kenyan YouTube content creator. The name Tewa is a nickname she got from her younger brother and she went on to build her brand around it. Her Youtube videos have amassed over 5.5 million views. The content varies from her natural hair journey, traveling, skin care, health and fitness.


She will be turning 27 years old this year (2020) having been born in 1993.


Natalie attended Makini Primary School, Precious Blood High School and Brookhouse International School. She then proceeded to the University of Leeds, United Kingdom to pursue a Degree in Architectural Engineering. 


The content creator has two elder step-sisters and a young brother who is 15-years-old.


The beautiful lass worked for a construction company as a project manager for about two and a half years before she quit to concentrate on building her brand.

Natalie started her YouTube channel in 2015 in order to document her fitness journey. However, the channel picked pace after she started creating content about her natural hair journey. This was because a lot of women at the time were focusing more on their natural hair. 

“ I started my YouTube channel in 2015. I wanted to document my fitness path while I was doing the two-month insanity programme to kick start my journey. I was also hoping to inspire someone out there. With this new fitness expedition I started my natural hair journey and that is what made my channel pick up. Many girls at the time had decided to stop using chemicals on their hair, just as I did,” she told Daily Nation in 2018.

The social media influencer told the same daily that she was a creative from a very young age.

“I have always had a thing for creating. When I was younger I loved to draw and write. I was also very crafty. Then I discovered my love for creating content. I genuinely love creating and editing videos, and YouTube was the perfect platform for me to generate my skill,” she said.

Today, the channel has grown and has more than 80k subscribers. The content varies as mentioned in the introduction and what’s more is that she answers questions posted by fans on her videos. The interaction with her followers has given her an edge over other YouTubers who post videos and leave it at that. 

In a past interview, she said her greatest challenge is facing criticism from other people but this is the case with so many creatives out there, they won’t be everybody’s cup of tea.


The vlogger is not married but a while back she had a public relationship with Ugandan photographer popularly known as Rnaze. The two documented their love on social media and served fans with couple goals. However, in 2019 they had a very nasty public break up with Rnaze  accusing Natalie of cheating and the YouTuber accusing him of physical abuse.

Natalie Tewa Biography, Age, Education, Family Career and Relationships
Natalia and Rnaze before they went separate ways Image/Courtesy

“ I was basically physically abused yesterday (Tuesday). If anyone saw what happened please speak out. Men should not ever get that far no matter what. If you know Rnaze you know he ain’t shit. Brokest nigga I have been with, always prancing around creating a façade. Selfish AF and always riding on my wave to be famous. If you know you know,” she posted on her social media.

Rnaze on the other hand posted that he went on a trip and upon returning found out she was cheating.

“ She cheated, I ended it. Came back from UG to a terrible surprise. I was only gone for 4 days… smh. That’s the truth,” he wrote.

The two had been creating content together and had managed to get Natalie over 30k YouTube followers and more than 65k on Instagram. Natalie went on to say that Rnaze had deleted some of her posts and the only videos in the channel were the ones from before they became an item.

Recently, the creative was rumoured to be in a relationship with Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho. Speculations began when the governor travelled to Dubai with a private jet and a brown handbag was spotted by social media detectives besides the governor seat. Many thought it was Betty Kyallo’s as the two had been an item before but Betty rubbished the rumours, she hadn’t even left the country. 

Edgar Obare claimed it was Natalie Tewa who was in Dubai at the same time and was spotted with the hand bag in question. Of course, Natalie has not addressed the rumours but her post after that was that everyone should be allowed to live their own life. The notification for the post was turned off.

“ Live for no one but yourself”, she captioned in a recent Instagram post.

Natalie Tewa Biography, Age, Education, Family Career and Relationships
Edgar Obare Charge Sheet Image/Courtesy

Natalie Takes Obare To Court 

Natalie took Edgar Obare to court for disclosing her personal data. The vlogger was released on a kes100,000 cash bail.