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Net Worth Of Ali Hassan Joho

Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho has balls of steel. In the run-up to the 2017 general elections, the flamboyant county boss exchanged barbs with President Uhuru Kenyatta in public rallies. These acts of ‘boldness’ earned him praise, with opposition supporters saying he should play Raila’s deputy in place of a more timid and diplomatic Kalonzo Musyoka. To his critics, the governor is a disrespectful leader who should have been done away with. But recent political realignments in Kenya have shown that, indeed, in politics there no permanent friends and permanent enemies, only permanent interests. Raila Odinga decided to work with President Uhuru Kenyatta ending animosity that was threatening to spiral out of control. Mr Joho, who doubles as the ODM deputy leader, has embraced the famed ‘handshake’ and even stated that he is ready to work with the Jubilee administration.

Who is this man Hassan Joho?

The trendy legislator is a man whose political career has been shrouded in controversy of his ‘other’ business. Joho’s was named in parliament by the late Internal Security minister George Saitoti alongside former MPs-who have gone to hold powerful position-William Kabogo (former Kiambu Governor), former Kilome MP Harun Mwau and current Nairobi Governor Gideon Mbuvi Sonko as the most dangerous drug traffickers in kenya. Mombasa tycoon Ali Punjani name also appeared. According to the damning report, then signed by former U.S ambassador Michael Ranneger, Joho was introduced to the dangerous yet lucrative business by his elder brother Abubakar Joho. The expose gives an account of how Joho’s elder brother navigated from working in clearing and forwarding, and for sometime in the vehicles business before heading, together with his younger brother, a multi million euro trafficking empire. The U.S. report goes on to link Abubakar to the seized container that held one ton of cocaine in 2004 with an estimated street value of $80 million.

Kenyan Anti Narcotics Unit suspects that the Mombasa county boss was initiated in the drug business in 2010, the report states.

The accusations don’t end there. U.S officials believe a company owned by the two brothers, Prima Bins & Pest Control, is used to move drugs across the country. The company, based in Mombasa, is an import and export dealing with waste management and rat killing.

Former Kilifi South MP Mustafa Iddi had in a public rally accused Joho of engaging in corner corner dealings when he was Transport assistant minister: “Who does not know that Joho was made an assistant minister of transport in the previous government? He majorly concentrated on close monitoring of Mombasa Port. In five years, he engaged in illegal trade and made the money that he is now bragging about,” Iddi said.

Is Governor 001 a drug lord?

His tour of the U.S early last year tells a different story. No drug trafficker in his right mind would dare step in US soil unless he wants a long jail term. Joho wanted to dispel the rumors peddled by his political detractors and what a genius way to do just that by visiting the US. According to a story published on the Nairobian tabloid, Joho had it all figured out before his USA trip. He wrote to the US Embassy in Nairobi asking to be investigated on his alleged involvement in the drug trade. The county boss reportedly surrendered his “bank details, names of companies in which he was a director and invited Nairobi-based Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents to probe him”…..the tabloid claims that the agency gave him and his entire family visa to travel to the US, including brothers. This kind of doused rumors that Joho source of immense wealth was as a result of drug trafficking.

Properties and net worth of Hassan Joho

He is unquestionably rich. The man, who has had to fight accusations of forging his academic credentials, has played a critical role in popularizing the ODM party using his funds.

Companies owned by Governor 001

Autoports Freight Terminals Limited
Portside Freight Terminals Limited
Prima Pest and Bins Limited
M-tech Kenya Limited
East African Terminals

Joho Homes

The Business Insider estimates Joho’s mansion to be worth $3.9 million (kes390 m).


The same online news outlets have it that the Sultan-as he is known-owns a customized Porsche Cayenne that goes for about kes14million and a Bentayga diesel worth kes21million.

He has other cars at his disposal.


His salary is kes Sh924,000.

Joho Estimated Worth

The estimated worth of Mombasa Governor is kes5 billion.

Other interesting facts about Joho

He is married to Madina Joho
The couple have four children
Education background
Primary School-Tom Mboya Primary School
Secondary School-Serani High School
High Grade College, Mombasa-Business Studies
Comprite College-Computer Studies
Kampala University-Undergraduate BA Economics
Kenya Institute of Management-Diploma in Management
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