New Report Shows Uneducated Men Own More Houses Compared To Learned Counterparts

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A new report has indicated that more uneducated men own houses than those who have studied up to middle-level colleges and universities.

The report by Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) dubbed Demographic and Health Survey 2022 showed that 46.7 percent of Kenyan men who own houses have no formal education.

This was compared to 32.2 percent of house owners who have studied beyond secondary schools.

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Likewise, 10 percent of female house owners have no formal education compared to 3 percent of their learned counterparts.

This has, however, been attributed to the rural-urban migration with educated Kenyans ending up in urban areas in search of jobs.

While the uneducated people stay in rural areas and comfortably set up houses, educated people end up renting or unable to afford homes.

“Women in rural areas (44 percent) are more likely to own a house than women in urban areas (17 percent), although women in urban areas are much more likely to have a title deed for the house they own than women in rural areas,” the report showed.

The report showed that women aged 45 to 49 years have the highest house ownership at 63 percent, and  men aged between 50 to 54 years at 88 percent.

Further, while 43 percent of men who own a house alone are in rural areas, 21 percent are in urban areas.

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37 percent of women that jointly own a house are in rural areas while 15 percent are in urban areas.

“The likelihood of women who own agricultural land having the title deed in their name increases with increasing wealth, from four percent among women in the lowest quintile to 33 percent among those in the highest quintile,” the report added.

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