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Nimmoh: From Losing Her Job To Running 45 Successful Airbnbs

Nimmoh is the founder and CEO of Nimmoh’s Homestay, a business renting out over 45 Airbnbs units. She started the business during Covid-19 pandemic after being laid off from her job.

The entrepreneur worked for a betting company until she was declared redundant. When the opportunity to start operating Airbnb business presented itself, she ran with it. She explained her journey on the YouTube channel, Travel with Moseax

Here is her story as told by WoK.

Background and moving back home 

Born and raised in Nanyuki, she attended the University of Nairobi. Thereafter, she worked in Nairobi until 2020 when she lost her job. This turn of events forced her to relocate back home with her child and moved in with her parents. 

The Airbnb concept 

The idea of starting her venture was born when some her friends were visiting and they needed to stay in an Airbnb. The concept was not that common in Nanyuki and this gave her the idea to get into the business. 

Since she was still paying rent in Nairobi, she decided to pack up and officially move to Nanyuki. She started a two-bedroom Airbnb, furnishing it with some of her stuff. As she was fairly new in the business, she didn’t know about prices and charged her first client Sh3,500 for the two-bedroom space. 


A month into the business, her mother financed her to expand the business by adding a one-bedroom Airbnb.

Slowly and with consistency, the business that was birthed in August 2020, has grown into a thriving venture.

She has clients from within and outside the country with some hotels even recommending her places to guests.

Speaking on the YouTube channel, she said what has helped them grow is consistency. She has stayed consistent and has always done a great job when it comes to marketing.

Another thing that has helped the business is the location of the houses since this is a key factor that clients look at when booking space. Her longest client stayed for six months. 


According to her, one can furnish an Airbnb with as much as they can afford. However, a one-bedroom space could cost about Ksh400,000 to Ksh600,000. This will ensure that the furnishings are great in order to make the guests feel comfortable.

There are also licences and money that needs to be paid for each unit. For example, they pay Ksh27,000 per year to the Tourism Regulatory Authority for each unit. 

She advised people getting into the business to manage their expectations. They should not get in thinking of instant cash, however, they can anticipate consistent cash. A well-marketed Airbnb can have a monthly occupancy of 50%.

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