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Njoro Comedian Reunites With Owago Onyiro in The US After Relocating

Njoro Comedian
Njoro Comedian moved to the US for greener pastures and a better life. Photo/Njoro Comedian.

Njoro Comedian has reunited with his former colleague from Churchill Show Byron Otieno, popularly known as Owago Onyiro.

Njoro relocated to the United States of America for greener pastures after turbulent years in Kenya.

His life took a downturn after work at the stand-up comedy show ended.

The comedian revealed he suffered from depression as his life hit rock bottom.

“In 2020, 2021 I was so lost. I could not even perform I was being called for ma gigs kali unatafuta ma excuses, like gigs worth over a hundred thousand na mi sitaki kuenda natafuta ma excuses,”

“Ilikuja nikajichapa nikaenda tu down yani nilikuwa nimejipoteza,”

“Nilikuwa nisha fika mwisho coz I was feeling apana,” he said in a previous interview.

In a post on his social media account, Njoro expressed joy and excitement about meeting his old friend.

“Finally met my brother Byron Otieno Owago Onyiro. I am so happy and God bless,” Njoro posted.

Njoro currently works in the US and also performs comedy shows for his fans in various US cities.

Owago Onyiro also moved to the US after hard times in Kenya, the comedian even resorted to cooking and selling fish just to make ends meet.

The talented comedian moved to the US in search of a better life and was lucky to land a lucrative job.

Onyiro works at Seattle Home Aide Trainers which is run by a Kenyan lady named Eva Akoth.

According to Eva the CEO, Owago is her assistant and helps in the office work.

“He works from Monday to Friday and on weekends he does his comedy”, Eva said.

Eva, originally from Kibera, Nairobi praised Owago for his diligent work.

The facility in Washington State trains students in-home care with most students coming from Kenya.