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Noordin Kasoma: The Entrepreneur Making Bamboo Bicycles That Sell Globally

In the current world, having a unique skill and being creative has proven to give various entrepreneurs an edge in the highly competitive job market.

For Noordin Kasoma, his innovative bamboo bicycles have earned him global recognition. Kasoma owns a workshop in Kampala and has employed at least 20 people into his venture.

Here is the story of the entrepreneur as told by WoK.

Ditched Electrician job 

The Ugandan initially worked as an electrician and his love for bicycles saw him purchase one using the first salary.

“I fell in love with the bicycle and looked at it as a symbol of prosperity. After my first salary as an electrician, I bought a bicycle to help me move around town,” he said in a past interview.

The youthful entrepreneur learnt the skills of making bicycles from American bike frame designer and manufacturer Craig Calfee. He also improved his skills through online tutorials.

Incepting Boogali Bicyles 

Kasoma is the founder of Boogali bicycles. He explains that the name Boogali is derived from the last letters of bamboo and ‘gali‘ which is the Buganda name for a bicycle.

Noordin Kasoma at his workshop. [Photo|Boogali Bicycles Ltd]

They make various bicycles ranging from mountain bikes, city bikes, travel bikes and road bikes.

Kasoma’s idea of using bamboo trees to make bicycle frames was influenced by the fact that this would reduce on carbon emissions. To begin with, the bamboo trees he uses take up to 3 years to mature and utilize carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Secondly, his venture would provide a substitute for importation of carbon frames.

“I came up with the idea of connecting the bicycle with the environment so that we can reduce on carbon footprints of our community,” he says.

Another advantage of using bamboo is their flexibility and this serves to absorb shock.

He adds: “When it comes to bamboo bicycles, when riding especially offroad, it’s really comfortable. Bamboo is flexible hence gives that kind of shock absorbing.”

Selling globally 

The entrepreneur utilizes various geometric shapes and designs for the frames. He then gives them an artistic finish by use of locally available materials.

Boogali bicycles retail from $350 – $450 and are sold in Uganda, East Africa, Europe and America.