Owner Of Kamaki’s Palace And How He Started The Business 

Owner Of Kamaki’s Palace And How He Started The Business 
Kamaki's Owner Established The Joint In 2009 Image/Tuko

Kamaki’s is a popular ‘nyama choma’ (grilled meat) joint along Eastern bypass owned by Murigi wa Kamaki. The establishment opened its doors to revellers in 2009. 

In a story that will inspire the worst of pessimists, Murigi started his then humble business with a crate of beer and two crates of soda (soft drinks). The business named after his father, Kamaki’s, has grown to become a popular drinking hole and nyama choma joint attracting revelers from far and wide. 

The 70 year old bought the land when prices were low. According to the entrepreneur, land was going for kes200,000 before it shot up to millions of shillings. Then, his customers were mostly land buyers and other road users of the bypass. 

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The kiosk of the past is long gone giving way to a more attractive establishment. Competition and the high number of revellers has seen Kamaki’s client base sliced significantly. 

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One of these joints is Greenspot gardens. It has well manicured grass and has relatively good food. 

Afro Sayari is another leisure joint that fuses the old and new. The seats and tables are designed to give you a feel that you are in the past while enjoying the present. And this theme runs in the architectural design of the property. This establishment is perfect for dates and meetings.

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