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Ex-Cop Linda Okello: How My Viral Photo In Tight Skirt Changed My Life Forever

In this age of social media, a single snapshot can change a person's life forever. Such was the case for Linda Okello, who, in...

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Inside Professor Kusimba’s 200 Acre Tree Farm Worth Sh 1 Billion

Chap Kusimba, a professor of Anthropology based in the United States, is not your ordinary scholar. He is a nature enthusiast, a devout environmentalist, and the proud owner of a breathtaking 200-acre tree farm nestled in Kiminini, Trans Nzoia county. Over the past decade, Kusimba has single-handedly planted a staggering 400,000 trees on his farm, transforming it from a rocky, arable land into a lush, green haven for both flora and fauna. Nature has also played its part in planting other trees, and Kusimba estimates the tree population on his farm to be about a million. When he bought the land in 2007, he says he found only a single fig tree. “At that time, the land was rocky...


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Chander Baljee: Meet The Billionaire Owner Of The Royal Orchid Hotel In Westlands

In 2014, Kenya’s stature as a key investment destination was cemented by the opening of the sh 1.3 billion Royal Orchid Azure Hotel in Westlands, Nairobi. The luxurious establishment is part of the Royal Orchid Hotel Ltd, the leading hotel chain in India. It is owned by Indian billionaire Chander Baljee. Prior to the Westlands Hotel, Royal Orchid had opened another hotel in Mwanza, Tanzania, in 2013, dubbed the Royal Orchid Malaika Beach Resort. This is Chander Baljee’s journey to success as told by WoK: A hotelier’s roots Chander hails from a hotelier family in India, in a place called Shimla. From an early age, he was exposed to the intricate workings of the hospitality industry, gaining invaluable insights and...

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