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Papa Shirandula ‘Njoro’: List Of Rentals Houses He Owns In Machakos, Nairobi And Kiserian

Actor Njoro, real name Ken Gichoya, was a joy to watch when he played the stubborn gardener in the popular sitcom Papa Shirandula aired on Citizen TV. His onscreen wife was Wafirethi, an actress who gave him sleepless nights. Away from acting, Njoro has heavily invested in varied businesses and also owns rental houses.

Here is his story as told by WoK.

Businesses he owns

The father of three owns a bar, matatus and a hardware store in Ongata Rongai that is managed by his brother-in-law. Speaking to Churchill ‘The Journey Series’, the actor revealed that he was not keen on acting, instead his interest was in business. 

“I did not want to be an actor. I was more focussed in business,” he told Churchill. 

The 41 year old attributed his success in the world of business to his wife who manages all their ventures. 

“I let my wife deal with the businesses then she brings the books at the end of the month,” he stated. 

Rental houses

The actor credits his mother for the decision he made early in his acting career to buy land. Appearing on ‘The Wicked Edition’ hosted by Dr Kingori, the thespian said of his decision to venture in real estate:

“My mum used to push me to invest. She would tell me to buy land instead of a car. She told me one day I might look back and be shocked because I had nothing to show for it. Do not wait till you get a huge amount of money. Use the little money you have.”

This spurred him to buy and construct rental houses. 

Rental Houses In Joska, Mutalia

The thespian owns a rental block in an area known as Mutalia, Joska. His rental income is Sh10,000 per unit. Njoro narrated how sometimes it can be difficult to deal with entitled tenants. He recalled on The Wicked Edition how he had to weld a door of a tenant while she was inside to force her to vacate his house after staying for six months without clearing her rent. 

She pleaded with Njoro and his two sons to let her out and with the promise she would clear the rent arrears. Her church members contributed for her. 

Joska is in Machakos county. 

Rental House in Utawala and Ruai

The actor also owns rental units in Utawala and Ruai, both in Nairobi county. 

Rental house in Kiserian

 He also owns a rental house in Kiserian. Njoro recalled how his tenant slashed his car tires after he claimed he had not paid him his rent. The agitated tenant showed him evidence by way of a message confirming the payments had been made before proceeding to slash his car tires.