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Pastor Ezekiel Odero: From Fisherman To Powerful Preacher Single-Handedly Filling 60k-Seat Capacity Stadium

Pastor Ezekiel Odero hit headlines for the better part of  Sunday, November 27 following his crusade at Kasarani Stadium.

The man of God who ministers at the New Life Church in Mombasa drew a large crowd to the 60,000-capacity stadium akin to that pulled by politicians.

But who is Pastor Ezekiel, here is his story as narrated by WoK.


Pastor Ezekiel was born in Homa Bay County albeit his year of birth is not publicly available.

After completion of his studies, the preacher moved to Kisumu where he worked as a fisherman before relocating to Mombasa.

While in Mombasa, Pastor Ezekiel met his wife, Pastor Sarah, while working as a mason.

By the time he met Sarah, the preacher was looking for people to partner with to start a church in the coastal city.

Pastor Ezekiel happened to share his vision with Sarah who was in for the idea and joined him in search of partners for purposes of setting up a church.

Sarah went to her home in Mavueni to seek assistance for the same and later, when they had already started dating, they opened New Life church in Shanzu.

The couple also set up a church in Mavueni.


In a previous interview, Pastor Ezekiel narrated challenges that he faced when he wanted to marry Sarah.

“Some of my family members informed me that Pastor Sarah didn’t go to school when I wanted to marry her. She is not fluent in English. What will the large people say if you marry her and they show up?

“When I looked at my wife, I didn’t see an English speaker but rather a lovely lady who can manage a ministry. English can’t run a ministry,” he said.

He also disclosed that Sarah was forced to flee from her home because her father and uncle did not approve their relationship.

However, she later returned home and the father allowed Pastor Ezekiel to marry her.

“She fled because her father and uncle didn’t want me to have her. We were unable to see since it was nighttime. When she returned, her father and uncle had consented to let me marry her,” he added.

Pastor Ezekiel also mentioned that he paid dowry with two goats and a ring worth Ksh 15.

“I had nothing when I went to ask Sarah to marry me. I was unable to pay for a wedding gown, a suitable engagement ring, or a dowry. I was given everything by my friends, including the fee to get me to her house,” he recalled.

The couple now runs New Life church which is said to have the largest membership in Kenya.

Kasarani crusade

Pastor Ezekiel single-handedly filled Kasarani Stadium on Sunday when he held his crusade.

The stadium has a 60,000-seat capacity but attendees of crusade surpassed the 60,000 mark as others occupied the football pitch and the running track.

Pastor Dorcas Gachagua, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua’s wife who was also in attendance hailed Pastor Ezekiel Odero for organizing the event.

She mentioned that Kenyans were starving for the word of God.