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Pastor T Mwangi Says Pastor Kanyari Should Be Stopped:”Pure Evil”

Pastor Kanyari
Pastor T Mwangi has criticised Pastor Kanyari. Photo: T Mwangi Facebook.

A popular Kenyan preacher has condemned Pastor Victor Kanyari over his behaviour.

Kanyari has become a controversial figure on TikTok, his antics have caused concern with many questioning his motives.

Pastor T Mwangi said Kanyari has to be stopped for what he is doing on TikTok.

Mwangi in a post on social media said what Kanyari is doing has nothing to do with Christianity.

He also termed the behaviour as pure evil.

“The so-called man of God onTikTokk has to be stopped. What he does has nothing to do with Christianity, it is pure evil,” Pastor T said.

Netizens reacted to Mwangi’s post with many supporting his sentiments.

Yup, that’s exactly what I said! There needs to be a press conference and some type of intervention from the Father and Mothers of the land – Wairimu Kimani said.

And he has no shame in doing it, he’s promoting usherati kwa kanisa – Linnet Nafula said.

Yes sir, You have amplified the voice in the hearts of many, it’s dirty stuff and something needs to be done urgently – Justus Masila said.

It’s so shameful..pure blasphemy..Let God arise and His enemies be scattered – JM the Apostle added.

Unfortunately, there are still people who are entertaining him – Hezron Okoba said.

Earlier a Kenyan female pastor called for the revocation of pastor Kanyari’s ordination license.

Pastor Debra Sharon said Kanyari was becoming a disgrace for his antics.

She said the title pastor was holy and should not be misused.

Debra urged those close to Kanyari to call him to order.

“Pastor Kanyari’s ordination license should be revoked temporarily and maybe he can get help from those who brought him into ministry,”

“For now, He is becoming a disgrace to the body and should remove the pastor title from his name and use Kanyari if he needs all the drama to grow the empire that he calls a church or ministry,”

“For now, He is not a Pastor according to the standard of the Bible, He stepped away from it a long time ago and should be called to order. It is very sad to see them falling away. Lord have mercy,” she said.