Paul Simiyu: 22-Year-Old Who Left Kenya Aged Two Now Running A Multimillion Real Estate Firm In The US Despite Dropping Out Of College

Paul Simiyu is a Kenyan living in Nashville, Tennessee in the United States of America.

He moved to the US when he was only two, and 20 years later, he is into real estate development and now drives a Ksh 25.5 million car.

But how did he get into real estate, find his footing in the industry and make such money? Here is his story as told by WoK.


Simiyu was born in April 2000, and moved to the United States when he was two.

The 22-year-old explained how he got into the lucrative real estate development while appearing on Gavren Dotcherman Realtor tik tok video.

He explained that he started at wholesaling when he was in college, before leaning more about new construction and eventually acquiring a license.

“Wholesaling got me the money to start flipping houses, so I learnt about new construction and I transitioned from flipping into new construction,” he said.

Simiyu later acquired a general contracting license that enables him to build his own houses.

Negative comments online

Simiyu’s interview with Gavren Dotcherman Realtor went viral on Facebook and TikTok accumulating over 450,000 cumulative views.

In an update on his Facebook page, he notes that he was surprised by the amount of hate that he received from social media users.

“…I am surprised by somewhat is the amount of negative comments people have when they see someone else achieving what they assume to be as impossible. I don’t even think I’m doing anything special yet,” Simiyu said.

He advised his followers to work more on their self personal development as it is a determining factor in someone’s ability to accomplish things.

“I’m living proof of it. I had to see others doing things that I thought was impossible when my journey started 4 years ago to then go after it and achieve it,” he said.

Simiyi went ahead to disclose that he is a college dropout, further detailing how he managed to pick himself up and go greater thing.

“I’m a college drop out whose family had zero money that has a crazy self belief that got me to where I am today

“It’s nothing but motivation to myself, coming from zero and building up what I have. That won’t change. I’m on a mission that’s personal and I’m just getting started,” he added.