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Pay For Teachers Marking KCPE And KCSE

As candidates are preparing to sit for their national exams, the Ministry of Education is burning the midnight oil to ensure everything goes to plan. In the recent years, cases of exams irregularities have been tamed. Teachers marking the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) and the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) have had issues in the past with the Kenya National Exam Council (KNEC). Their bodies -KUPPET and KNUT-have been pushing KNEC not to tax its members and prompting payments.

Payment for teachers marking exams
The lowest paid examiner will get kes42 per script while the highest will pocket kes68. Examiners will also be provided with return fare based on distance travelled. Coordination fee is between kes150 and kes300 per day. Teachers, through their unions, have been pushing the coordination fee to jump to kes1,000 and per script to be increased to kes130.
Secondary school examiners pocket kes30,000 before taxes.

Here are the guidelines on how to download the invitation letters online:
1.0 The Kenya National Examinations Council shall invite the existing and qualified newly

trained Examiners for the 2019 marking exercise online.
2.0 The site shall be accessible from 22nd October, 2019 by all KCPE and KCSE

3.0 Examiners concerned shall be required to do the following:
3.1 Access KNEC Contracted Professionals Website using the link: https://examinersapp.knec.ac.ke.

3.2 Those with cp2 accounts, login into the Examiners portal using their username and password.

3.3 Those without cp2 accounts, click on reset password button to enter their mobile numbers in format (2547*******) and submit to get their username and password for logging into the system.

3.4 Upon successful login, complete their personal information and save. Using
the dashboard provided, access, download, print and read the invitation letters and the Marking Instructions. Further instructions on acceptance and rejection of marking offer are given in the invitation letter.

For further details contact any of the following:

4.1 Telephone numbers: 0720 741003, 0732 333530, 0775 471980, 0775 471997:

4.2 Email addresses: sefa@knec.ac.ke and fa@knec.ac.ke. Next