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Pepe Minambo: From A Difficult Life In DRC To Becoming A Celebrated Motivation Speaker

Any conversation with motivation speaker and author Pepe Minambo would definitely be centred on one thing: inspiration. But it is impossible to inspire others without possessing a charming personality.Besides being at his elements motivating people, Minambo’s untold life story is an inspiration by itself.

He grew up in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and tells of an unfortunate upbringing as his dad abandoned the family. But the ‘You Can Dream Again’ author shaped his destiny and is now one of the celebrated motivation speakers in Kenya.


Minambo was raised in a polygamous  family of 15 in a remote village called Mbandaka. His dad worked as a civil servant and thereafter as a judiciary officer. According to Minambo, the dad’s job was a well-paying one but the family’s status was otherwise.

He wasted all his hard earned cash on his many concubines. He was always absent from family functions including schools visits. I hardly miss him and I’m yet to visit his grave,” Minambo told the Standard in a past interview.

The 47 year old, now happily married to a lady identified as Nickel Minambo once tried investing in gold and diamond only to burn his fingers as his business hit headwinds.

Coming to Kenya 

In his early 20s, Minambo came to Kenya to work as a missionary with the Vineyard Group of Churches in Mombasa. He was poor in English having been raised in a French-speaking country. He slowly learnt and mastered the language.

His defining moment came when he met Dr. Ken Blue, a motivation speaker from the U.S. Mr. Blue was amazed at how Minambo was good at keeping the audience engaged when he served as an MC.

After the event, he had a conversation with Minambo which awakened the giant in him.

You can add value to your substance by becoming a motivational speaker…You can actually do this better than me,” he said.

Before this dream came to actualization, it needed action from Minambo. Mr. Blue gave him $100 and asked him to immediately embark on printing his business cards.

Despite Minambo doubting himself and showing some reluctance, he did exactly as he had been instructed.

Becoming an inspirational speaker

William Jennings once said that destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice; it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved. Within a few years, Minambo had risen like a phoenix from the ashes.

By 2010, the towering icon would be booked by approximately 100 schools. Anyone who has attended an inspirational talk by Minambo attests to the fact that he has the ability to transform students into a path of self-discovery. After a session, Minambo would also sell his books including ‘Be Inspired Before You Expire.’

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Important Life Lessons

Pepe Minambo. [Photo|Facebook]
Minambo also gives life lessons on self and business development. He is the founder of Motivator Forum which aims at reaching out to corporates for motivation.

True to Victor Hugo’s words that to learn, to read is to light a fire, Minambo emphasizes the importance of continuously seeking knowledge.

It is through maintaining a reading culture that one can become a better version of himself. Additionally, Pepe Minambo advises people to pursue their life purpose and surmount the fear of failure.

Living a purposeful life enables one to wake up everyday with a dream to chase. This is what pushes individuals to pick themselves up after failure as they exploit various channels to iron out factors that hindered a breakthrough.