Perminus Kariuki: Entrepreneur Who Quit Ksh300K Job To Start Business That Almost Collapsed

Perminus Kariuki is the founder of Nyota Njema Real Estate Limited, a property investment company founded in 2018.

He established the company in a bid to provide affordable investment opportunities for individuals and groups.

Interestingly, Kariuki quit a job that earned him Ksh 300,000 per month to establish the company that almost collapsed at some point.

Here is his story as told by WoK.


In 2018, Kariuki quit his full time job to venture into entrepreneurship.

In an interview with TUKO, he mentioned that he invested purposely in the real estate industry.

He was seeking to provide affordable property investment opportunities for individuals and groups, especially the youth.

In a bid to achieve this, he came up with solutions that include selling products with flexible payment plans.

“I started it after studying the market and spotting gaps arising from several real estate companies not delivering adequate services as required by clients

“Thereafter, I met a senior person in the industry who advised me to come up with a solution for the identified gaps,” he continued.

Just like any other entrepreneur, Kariuki also faced challenges while starting off.

At some point, the company was at the verge of collapsing forcing his wife to chip in and offer support.

Kariuki noted that she pumped money into the business in a bid to keep it afloat.

“My wife stood with me when I was starting the business after quitting employment. She was there for me when I didn’t have anything and supported me even with her own salary

“Whenever she realised I was broke, she would come through for me and give me money. For this reason, I will always respect her,” he narrated.

He attributes his success in business to his wife.

“The truth is, when you are a bachelor, you will only think about yourself. But when you are married your wife will guide your steps,” he said.

Kariuki also noted that he does not regret quitting quitting his job for entrepreneurship because he has created job opportunities for several people.

“I don’t regret quitting my job because, by that, I have created more jobs. Right now, I have several staff who, if I didn’t quit, would have been unemployed. I realised my potential and my calling and went for it,” he said.

As of 2023, Nyota Njema had delivered over 450 title deeds and sold over 20 projects in different parts of the country.

They have also received recognitions such as the Best Land Selling Company in 2022 in the industry by Real Estate 100 awards.

The company offers among other services land selling, house selling, land sourcing, property management, real estate consultancy and property development.