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Perry Mansukh Kasangra Biography, Career and The Killer Dam Incident 

Perry Masukh Kasangra is a Kenyan businessman of Indian descent who studied in Kenya and went for his further studies in the United Kingdom for his Bachelor’s degree in Commerce. He has a number of businesses in the country and connections that spread beyond the borders of Kenya. Known to be one of the owners of large hectares of land in Nakuru, he was brought into the limelight in 2018 after one of his dams burst its banks resulting to fatal consequences.

The businessman was reported dead on 29th June 2021 by a section of the media. However, later it was reported that it was his father businessman Patel Mansukh who had died and not Perry Mansukh himself. The patriarch of the family died at the Agha Khan Hospital, Nairobi after he suffered a cardiac arrest and not Covid-19 as was reported. He was known to be a quiet man who barely interacted with the locals directly. However, he is known to have been behind several developments in the community such as building a classroom for a local school among others. 


Most Indian businesses are family owned, hence, Perry Kansagra is the managing director of the Solai company that started way back in 1943 in Nakuru Solai area. In the area he runs 3,500 acres of land. The farm is known for massive milk production from their friesian cows which produce thousands of litres everyday. In fact, a story run by KTN years ago revealed they were one of the biggest suppliers of milk to Brookside. Perry also manages a coffee and tea plantation in the same farm next to an 800 acre wildlife conservancy. The conservancy was started as a  way to provide animals with a safe  haven and hosts more than 200 animals of different species. The farm also produces high quality rose flowers which are majorly exported to Germany and Netherlands among other foreign countries. 

Perry also has other business interests including:

  • Malindi based Kensalt, which is the second largest salt producer in Africa and produces about 1,000 tones annually.
  •  Enkasiti, a flower farm in Thika which produces at least fifty million stems of roses annually. The company pride themselves in using organic pest control measures on the roses  as opposed to commercial  pesticide which are full of harmful chemicals.
  • Rak ceramics company in Nairobi’s industrial area. 

47 people were reported dead when the dam bursts its banks [Photo/www.newyorktimes.com]
The Infamous Dam Incident 

On 9th May2020, the Patel Milmet dam owned by Perry in Solai, Nakuru county burst it’s banks and killed at least 47 people leaving others injured and or displaced. Following heavy rainfalls, the dam burst on that fateful evening. What resulted was a flood that washed away power poles, destroyed building​s and submerged the village of Nyakinyua. Homes over radius of nearly 2km were submerged. 

Perry Mansukh alongside other members of his family were charged with manslaughter. Some members of the family were acquitted after failure by prosecution to press charges however a Naivasha court overruled this decision. The case is still in court to date.