Peter Muraya: Founder Behind An App Controlling ‘Pocket Money’ For University Students

In Kenya, especially among students attending higher institutions like colleges and universities, parents have often faced challenges when it comes to managing their children’s spending.

They send money to support them with expenses, including food, but sometimes find that their children are using the funds in unexpected ways.

However, this long-standing issue has now found a modern solution in the form of “Super Pay,” an innovative financial tool developed by Empower Smart.

“Super Pay” is more than just an app; it’s a paradigm shift in the way students handle their finances while at college. Empower Smart, the company behind this ingenious concept, has successfully addressed the concerns of both parents and students by introducing a mechanism that ensures a daily spending limit.

This means students can access only a predetermined amount of money per day, promoting financial responsibility and accountability.

The brain behind Empower Smart and its groundbreaking “Super Pay” innovation is Peter Muraya.

He envisions this technological advancement as a game-changer for students and parents alike, substantially improving the quality of life for students at educational institutions.

Muraya explains, “With this technology, the student’s quality of life at school will improve compared to before because parents can now send specific amounts of money without fear of misuse.”

This newfound control and transparency over spending habits not only alleviate parents’ concerns but also empower students to cultivate responsible financial practices.

Peter Muraya’s personal experiences during his university years served as the catalyst for this remarkable innovation.

“I lacked discipline in managing the money my parent gave me, and often I found myself with nothing, sometimes even without food, even though my parent had given me money.” He reflects

This insight into the challenges faced by students led him to develop a solution that would prevent such financial hardships.

One of the key features of “Super Pay” is its flexibility. Parents, who are typically the ones sending money to their children at college, can choose the frequency of financial disbursements.

They can decide whether their child receives funds every day, every week, or every month, providing a tailored approach to financial support.