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Peter Ng’ang’a: Kiambu Farmer Finds Success in Animal Feed Making after Failed Poultry Project

Peter Ng’ang’a is the founder of Farmer’s Smile Africa, an agricultural company seeking to eradicate poverty by empowering farmers.

The company describes itself as the most trusted brand in distributing quality farm inputs, services and information about agribusiness.

Founded by Peter after his failed poultry project, the company works with government institutions, NGOs, manufacturers and research institutions to ensure that farmers are getting quality inputs.

Here is his story as told by WoK.

Peter hails from Nembu, Gatundu South, Kiambu County.

He was initially involved in poultry farming but he later quit the venture after most of his chickens died due to little knowledge he had.

However, Peter later enrolled at Dairy Training Institute, Naivasha, where he took a six-month course on animal feed formulation.

It was after completing the course when he founded Farmer’s Smile Africa to help farmers access quality feeds and other agricultural services.

“Getting high quality feeds and information was a challenge. I also had problems with delivery products on time

“That’s why I came up with the idea of creating the brand. We wanted to produce quality products, information and services to farmers then make follow-ups,” he explained.

Through his company, Peter has taken up 70 poultry and dairy farmers whom he is currently training and involves in demonstrations.

“I help address problems farmers encounter by providing information. The organisation also works with experts. When, for instance, a farmer needs information on horticulture, I refer him or her to the appropriate experts,” he said.

Other than offering training and mentorship programs, Peter also runs a shop that sells feeds for cows, pig and poultry.

Additionally, he has invested in technology, and he has machinery that mixes the raw materials after formulating.

Peter also links farmers with insurance companies through Farmer’s Smile Africa.

He has also entered partnerships with government entities, non-profit organisations and research institutions to make sure that quality feeds reach all farmers.