A Tour Of Hunters Paradise Cottage: Bungoma’s Most Luxurious Hotel

A Tour Of Hunters Paradise Cottage: Bungoma's Most Luxurious Hotel
Hunters Paradise Cottage Photo/Courtesy

Bungoma is among the most populous counties in Kenya and offers a lot of investment opportunities for various sectors.  Undoubtedly, the main income generator is agriculture and other sectors like real estate, tourism and hospitality cannot be underestimated.

The blessings of infrastructure development in Bungoma town has seen a number of luxurious hotels such as Siritamu Resort, Tourist Hotel, Elegant Hotel and Hunters Paradise Cottage.

A Tour of Hunters Paradise Cottage 

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As soon as one enters the main entrance, a green lush environment, well-manicured grass lawns and cylindrical cottages define this premiere luxury hotel. Hunters Paradise Cottage is located in a tranquil environment in Kanduyi and exudes luxury and elegance.

The traditional cottages [Photo|Courtesy]

It is made up of a hybrid design that combines both the traditional and modern aspects. Basically, the facility offers a number of services such as accommodation, conference, swimming pool, bar, restaurant and gym.

Room charges 

The hotel has up to 32 rooms that are named after various wild animals and are charged differently.

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The most affordable standard room goes for ksh 12,000 and is named ‘engwe’ (leopard). These rooms are lavishly decorated and come with a queen size bed with a lampshade, wardrobe, fridge and bathroom. The spacious rooms  measure approximately 35 m².

The executive cottages named ‘kibeu’ (rhino) measure approximately 37m² and are suitable for a small family. The cottage is traditionally designed and has a living area, bed and baby court. A one night accommodation is charged ksh 15,000.

The next accommodation package is the deluxe named ’emboko’ (buffalo). These spacious rooms have a dedicated workstation, separate living area and private patio. They measure approximately 51 m² and are charged Ksh 18,000.

For a larger family, the most suitable accommodation package is the family cottage named ‘enjofu’ (elephant). These provide a working desk, living area, 3 beds and have kitchenettes for people who opt to prepare their own meals. A night charge is Ksh 35,000. The spacious rooms measure approximately 96 m².

The most expensive accomodation package is the VIP cottages which go for ksh 40,000 a night. It is a combination of two cottages. It has a kitchenette, bar and a veranda with a swing chair.

The VIP cottage. [Photo|Courtesy]

Swimming pool and gym charges

For non-resident visitors exploring Hunters Paradise and wish to create a memorable weightlessness experience in the swimming pool, they will have to pay up to Ksh 800.

The gym is fitted with state of the art facilities such as modern treadmills and benches. It has an instructor and the monthly subscription package goes for ksh 12,000.


Website:- www.huntersparadise.ke

Phone: 0739 601 802, 0715 875 206

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