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Pilot Training Fee Structure In Kenya And Requirements

First published: May 29, 2019

Updated: June 6, 2021

Most of us harbored dreams of becoming pilots. These dreams remained just that-dreams. Fees to train as a pilot in Kenya is prohibitive for the majority of the population. However, the career is very rewarding; for example, Kenya Airways (KQ) with its many financial woes pays its Captains a staggering monthly salary of Sh1.6 million ($160 000). Flying a commercial plane is expensive especially for those who train in Kenya as KQ opts for South African trained pilots.

In a past interview on a local daily, ex-director-general of the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) Mr Hillary Kioko said “pilots coming out of schools such as Kenya School of Flying, and Nairobi Flight Training find it hard to break into the commercial airlines sector since they need re-training to build up their flight hours and experience required to fly commercial planes.”

“If you were trained to fly a Cessna 182, you cannot fly an Air Bus or Embraer, and failure to keep flying after school renders you redundant,” Mr Kioko said.

Requirements in Kenya School Of Flying and Fees
Must be 16 years and above.
KCSE C+ and C+ in Mathematics, English, Geography and any one science.
A medical fitness certificate from an accredited Aviation Medical examiner.
Copies of : Academic Papers, ID/Birth Certificate/Passport.
6 passport size photos: Three Normal size and three 2cm x 2.5cm
Three internal written evaluation in Maths, English and Psychometric Testing.
Five lessons of flight assessment.

Course Period
The course takes between 4 months to 6 months and involves:
45 flying hours and revision
General flight test
Ground school instruction course
Morse code tutorial
Students will be assessed by a KCAA GFT examiner.

Fee Structure

Phase 1: PPL (Approx. 4 – 6 Months) Minimum Charges

Item Cost (Ksh)
Flying hours and Revision: 45 hours @ Ksh 14,360 646,200
Ground School Instruction Course 45,000
Stationery, Equipment and Uniform 101,600
First Aid Course by St. John Ambulance 9,500
*Accomodation at Orly: 45 days @ 1,500 67,500
*Return Ticket to Malindi/Ukunda (Approx.) 20,000
*Accommodation at Malindi: 60 days @ 1,500 90,000
Air Navigation Service charges 15,000
TOTAL 994,800
KCAA PPL GFT booking 2,000
KCAA PPL Ground Exams/RT/Eng. Prof. 14,000
KCAA PPL License Application 3,200
TOTAL 19,200
Approximate Minimum Grand Total 1,014,000
PPL KCAA Examiner Fees (Paid direct to the Examiner) = USD 200

This course takes eight to twelve months, and involves:

  • A further 155 flying hours
  • CPL ground school

Fee Structure

Phase 2: CPL (Approx. 8 – 12 Months) Minimum charges

Item Cost (Ksh)
Flying 155 hours above the 45 PPL hours @ Ksh 14,360 2,225,800
3 hours for the General Flight Test (GFT) @ Ksh 14,360 43,080
CPL Ground School 60,000
*Accommodation at Orly/Malindi: 90 days @ 1,500/= 135,000
*Return ticket to Malindi/Ukunda (Approx.) 20,000
TOTAL 2,483,880
KCAA CPL Ground Exams 20,000
KCAA TTR C210 5,000
KCAA Gas Turbine & Perf. A Exam 4,100
KCAA CPL GFT booking 2,000
KCAA License Application 4,500
TOTAL 35,600
Approximate Minimum Grand Total 2,519,480
CPL KCAA Examiner Fees (Paid direct to the Examiner) = USD 400

This course takes six weeks. KCAA regulation 67 Part II requires 45 hours initial instrument hours broken into:

  • 20 hours on approved simulator
  • 25 hours on Twin Seneca PA34

Fee Structure

Phase 3: Multi/Ratings (Approx. 2 Months) Minimum Charges

Item Cost (Ksh)
20 hours approved simulator @ Ksh 6,500 per hour 130,000
25 hours on Twin Seneca PA 34 @ Ksh 42,780 per hour 1,069,500
3 hours for the General Flight Test (GFT) @ Ksh 42,780 128,340
Approximate Minimum Cost 1,327,840


Fee Structure

Chargeable by KCAA

KCAA TTR PA 34 5,000
KCAA Exam Booking 4,000
KCAA Multi/IR License Endorsement 4,000
TOTAL 13,000
Approximate Minimum Cost 1,340,840
MULTI/IR KCAA Examiner Fees (Paid direct to the Examiner) = USD 500
KCAA Reg.67 (PEL) Part II requires 45 hours initial instrument hours broken into:
Phase 1 PPL 1,014,000
Phase 2 CPL 2,519,480
Phase 3 Multi/IR 1,340,840
Approximate Minimum Cost 4,874 ,320