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HomenewsPresident Uhuru Can Be Impeached,  Retired CJ David Maraga Says

President Uhuru Can Be Impeached,  Retired CJ David Maraga Says

By Staff Writer

Retired Chief Justice David Maraga is known for his daring remarks and stand in various matters. He made history as the first Chief Justice in Kenya to declare election results as null and void and was known to oppose some of the government’s decisions throughout his term.

He has accused the Head of State of continuously failing to uphold the constitution which he promised to protect. Maraga said that there was enough ground to impeach the president of the republic of Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta as he had failed to uphold the constitution. 

David Maraga accused the president for failing to appoint 41 judges on the advisory of the Judicial Service Commission.

“There are 3 court orders directing the president and even giving him a time frame and he has not appointed them. As far as I’m concerned, that is a violation of the constitutional duty” he made the remarks on 14th January 2020 on Citizen TV.

“I believe there is a provision for which parliament if it wants to can use to impeach the president so that everybody is held accountable,” he added. 

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