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Primrose Nyamu Mbuvi Profile: The Media Shy Ex-Nairobi First Lady Who Has Stood With Sonko Through Thick And Thin

By Prudence Minayo

Primrose Nyamu Mbuvi is a loving mother and wife to ex-Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko. Unlike her husband, the ex-Nairobi first lady is publicity shy-only making the occasional statement on issues that affect her family. In 2021, Primrose took to social media to share a loving message to her step daughter, Saumu Mbuvi, whose marriage to Lamu Senator Anwar Loitiptip had come to an end due to alleged domestic violence. 

“When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; Isaiah 43:2” 

WoK brings you the story of Primrose Nyamu. 


Primrose has been married to Sonko for 21 years going to the 22 year (on 18 June this year). On their 21st marriage anniversary, the ex-Governor took to social media to praise his wife for being on his side even when he was jailed. 

Part of the post read:

“…….Ladies, be patient with your man as he hustles. Stick by him, support him as much as possible. Nanyinyi wanaume respect your girlfriend/wife. Unaweza lala njaa siku kadha….. Do not leave him because he is broke or in prison. When Raila Odinga was in detention Ida Odinga didn’t dump him, also when I was in Prison my wife Primrose never left me……”

The scandals and rumors that have often shrouded her husband have not swayed her away from their marriage. Their marriage has been rocked by a number of scandals as the former Nairobi boss has been associated with several women. 

In 2016, he admitted to having two wives after being accused of having another woman.

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“I only have 2 and each has her own house and I respect them a lot especially mama watoto,” he posted. 

Months later, he was seen carrying a newborn flanked by an unidentified woman. Rumors spread that the two had been together since 2011. According to an article by Tuko, he denied these allegations and threatened to sue the publication. 

In 2014, he was taken to court by Josephine Thuku who was demanding child support. He accepted that he sired the woman’s first child and denied fathering the second one. However, he still agreed to support the second child. 

Photos of Sonko and the then Nairobi Women rep Rachel Shebesh in a compromising position made headlines across the country. It was reported that the two were in a steamy affair and Sonko later on admitted that the relationship nearly broke his marriage. He told a public gathering in Kariokor of the affair:

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 “Mimi nawaheshimu wamama sana. Lakini kuna mama mmoja ambaye mlimchagua afanyie wamama kazi, mlipomtuma nyinyi wamama, vijana na watu wa Nairobi kule. Amefika kule sasa yeye kwa ile miaka minne alikuwa ananyang’anya wamama wengine mabwana. Hata mimi nakumbuka siku moja karibu avunje nyumba yangu” (I have a lot of respect for women. But a certain leader you elected to represent women in parliament is busy snatching other women’s husbands. I almost became a victim and she almost broke my marriage),” he told the crowd.

Interestingly, Primrose supported Shebesh ahead of the 2017 general elections terming her ‘best friend’. 

Away from the scandals, the former governor has also never been shy of expressing love towards his wife. On a number of instances, he has congratulated, appreciated, encouraged and showed affection for her publicly. Sonko has also showered her with expensive gifts including a Versace necklace worth about Sh4.3 million. 

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She is a stepmother to Sonko’s children: Saumu Mbuvi-whose mother is the late Njeri Wangu and Salma Mbuvi mother also passed away. Her biological daughter is Sandra Mbuvi and she is also the adoptive mother of Janet Kahingi, Satrine Osinya and Moses Gift Osinya. In 2020, she took to her social media to celebrate Janet for having graduated from Daystar University.

“It has been an amazing 13 years since I adopted you into this lovely family, congratulations my daughter Janet Kahingi on your graduation with a business diploma, this is no mean feat by any means,” she wrote.

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Mrs. Mbuvi further added that she had set the bar for her siblings Sandra, Gift and Baby Satrine Osinya. Gift and Satrine Osinya were adopted by Sonko after the death of their mother in the 2014 Likoni church terror attack. 

US Ban

Due to Sonko’s alleged involvement in graft, they have been banned from entering the US together with three of their children.

“The United States is also announcing the designation of the following members of Sonko’s immediate family: his wife Primrose Mwelu Nyamu Mbuvi, their daughters Saumu Agnes Mbuvi and Salma Wanjiru Mbuvi; and Sonko’s minor child,” read a statement by the US.