Prominent Personalities In Kenyan And Their Look-Alike

Prominent Personalities In Kenyan And Their Look-Alike

Being a politician or celebrity in Kenya attracts a lot of attention. In other countries, celebrities use doubles to ward off unnecessary scrutiny. WoK has listed some of these prominent personalities who have an uncanny resemblance. 

Prominent Personalities In Kenyan And Their Look-Alike

Martha Karua and Charlene Ruto

The two are in opposite political divides but their resemblance is spot on. The third-born daughter of the Head of State Charlene Ruto, now christened Quickmart Ivanka, looks like Narc Kenya Martha Karua.

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Prominent Personalities In Kenyan And Their Look-Alike

Burna Boy and Eyebrows Msanii

Eyebrows Msanii is a Kenyan musician who is a copy paste of Burna Boy. A section of Kenyans have even suggested that he performs as Burna Boy.

” It started last year, everywhere I went people called me Burna Boy, they quickly stopped calling me Eyebrows”, he said.

Margaret Kenyatta and Grace Elizabeth Mkabili

Her resemblance is so much that people cannot believe when Elizabeth Mkabili says she’s not the former first lady Margaret Kenyatta.

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I am a likeable person and mingle freely with people here. Most people are not convinced when I tell them I am not First Lady’s sister.  After I decided to shave my hair and dye it, every one said I was a carbon copy of the First Lady. The saloonist handed me the mirror and I was shocked to see that I resembled the first Lady,” she said.

According to the Standard, Mkabili is the same height, has the similar skin tone and both wear glasses.


Ann Waiguru and Ann Mvurya

The former UoN student leader has been likened to Kirinyaga county governor Anne Waiguru. The two meet and their photo can attest to their resemblance.

Babu Owino

The Embakasi East MP resembles a man of Indian descent.

Kalonzo Musyoka and Jesse Kinyajui

Kalonzo Musyoka and Jesse Kinyajui

The Wiper Leader Kalonzo Musyoka was equally suprised by the striking resemblance with Jesse Kinyajui. Kalonzo went on to clarify that “Hiyo sio kazi yangu.”

On his part, Jesse said that he used to the “comments on how I resemble the wiper party leader, but I never thought it would get this far.”

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