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Raila Odinga Donations To Churches, Women Groups And Funerals

ODM leader Raila Odinga and now the High Representative for Infrastructure Development in Africa is averse to donations, especially those coming from fellow politicians. The former Prime Minister has claimed that churches are abetting money laundering by accepting money from politicians, in an obvious reference to deputy president William Ruto. The DP is known for dishing out millions of shillings in church fundraisers and has become a darling of the clergy. A majority of churches have maintained they will continue taking donation money as they are not law courts to judge who is corrupt and who is not.

Speaking in a church function a while back, Odinga said of churches and money laundering:

“What we have been saying is that we have seen churches being used as avenues for laundering money acquired illegally. We cannot fight corruption if we cannot fight it’s tentacles, every weekend people are going for Harambees in churches and donating money with the faithfuls clapping for them without questioning the source of their money…”

Churches come to defense of donations:
Bishop Timothy Gichere of the Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) Mt Kenya Central diocese is among the church bigwigs who have openly differed with Raila calls to decline money from politicians. The Bishop was quoted as saying:

“When leaders come to church and contribute money with clean hearts, we can’t decline because we are not in a position to know if the money is gotten from corruption and we are not there to rebuke and label people as corrupt because that is the obligation of the courts.

“Let the judicial process go on without politicising the war on graft so that the culprits can be arrested and charged…”

Ruto also weighs in
The DP, who is always the target of Raila’s criticism over his generosity when it comes to giving to churches, has repeatedly said he wont stop donating in churches.

He said of his position to give to churches:
“When you see some of us go to church, lift hands, make this contribution it’s because we can’t forget where God brought us from Some of us have more to thank God for, than some of us…”

Number of times Raila has donated in churches
If Raila donates in church fundraisers, then he does not want it made public like his counterparts. No records show he has been involved in church fundraisers.

Donation to women groups
In a rare gesture, the ODM leader donated kes1.2 million for Wajir women in a fundraiser organized by Women Representative Fatuma Gedi.

Donating to schools

Agwambo as he is also known, donated text books to Nyakemincha secondary school in Nyamira in 2012.

Donating To Youth Groups
No records are available.